Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program started last week. | Pécsi Tudományegyetem Közgazdaságtudományi Kar

Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program started last week.

Endeli Katalin Tue, 07/17/2018 - 12:00

Students from the Ohio University, The College of Wooster and the University of Botswana arrived 6th July. In this year 41 students participate in the Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program and work on 9 different projects which focus on value creation in the regional socio-economic environment of the University of Pecs. Participants have the opportunity to provide professional support to social entrepreneurship initiatives that can have real social impact in the region. During the Program culturally and professionally diverse student groups cooperate with each other in a practice oriented, experiential learning context that focuses on real-life projects and project owners in the region. Professional mentors (Jeffrey Anderson, Luke Pittaway, Peter Abramo, Zsolt Bedő) assist the teams in imbedding the projects.

On Saturday (7th July), students of University of Pécs organized a game in the framework of the usual CITY TOUR for students who participate in the Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program. Students have walked around the city across 9 stations, which were located on the best sightseeing places in the downtown area of Pécs. In every stations the teams had different challenges that they had to complete. The best team had the opportunity to choose which project would they like to work on during the Program. Every team had performed excellent in their own way, but the winner team in the end turned out to be the "Adam good team".

The OPENING BANQUET was held at the Tettye's ruins at the evening of 8th July.The event provided a good opportunity for participants to get to know each other in a breathtaking environment.

13th July, students went to a WINE TASTING to the Vylyan winery. They tasted 5 different wines from the region and ate typical hungarian dishes. This was a good opportunity to they get to know the Hungarian habits more closely.

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