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Summer and Short-Term Programs

Simonyi Summer School

Every July since 2006 the Faculty of Business and Economics of UP in collaboration with Ohio University (USA) have organized the SIMONYI SUMMER PROGRAM in entrepreneurship and commercialization of innovation. The summer school builds on real-life problems provided by local small- and medium-size enterprises. During the program students consult with company representatives, work on business problems and hold a presentation to the CEOs at the end.

An exciting four week summer camp for doing it the American way, with a European style and Hungarian flare! Accepted University of Pécs students are eligible for a 100% participation scholarship and credits. If you are a part-time student of the University of Pécs, an Erasmus studying in Hungary, or a full-time student of a Hungarian university you may apply for up to 70% participation scholarship.

Wuhan-Ohio Global Consulting Program

Based on the experiences of the Simonyi Summer School the Faculty of Business and Economics together with Ohio University opened the WUHAN-OHIO GLOBAL CONSULTING PROGRAM for Pécs students as well. The Global Consulting Program (GCP) experience provides participants with the opportunity to practice their existing business skills and develop new ones in an exciting and challenging international environment that is China. International consulting assignments present students with new challenges, such as language and cultural barriers, and high levels of ambiguity and uncertainty. Successfully overcoming these is an inherent part of the program.

One of our special partners in Canada, Capilano University launched its short-term program the Capilano Field School several years ago. The first HUNGARIAN FIELD SCHOOL was organized in 2017 with active contribution of our Faculty. The 10-day program involves Capilano and Pécs students working together on economic and cultural projects. The program provides an excellent opportunity for Canadian students to gain deeper insights into the economic, social and cultural context of Central-Eastern Europe, Hungary and the South-Transdanubian region within it, while Pécs students may get first-hand experience of the outsider’s view on regional business ventures.

Blue Economy Summer School

The first Blue Economy Summer School was organized in 2012 focusing on the concept of Blue Economy, and its case studies from an interdisciplinary point of view. Participants have been able to acquire Blue Economy way of thinking, apply blue economy tools in their own business model and discuss, share their ideas with experts and each other with a special emphasis put on architecture. 
The Summer School is going to equip the participants with all the necessary knowledge and competence what a BE expert should know.

Watch the short video of BESS 2012 where Gunter Pauli talks about the very beginning of the BE concept and the short introduction about BE.

Business Degree Programs

The Faculty devotes itself to preparing its students for a career in the business world. We are proud of our ability to offer full educational programs in English at Bachelor, Master levels and BA and MA double degrees in German.

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Cerificate Programs

Short term (2 semesters) programs with strong practice orientation. Open to all UP students and free within the UP campus credits (non-UP students pay course fees).

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International PhD Programs

Our International PhD Programs are developed on the basis of the Hungarian PhD program of the Doctoral Schools of Business Administration and Regional Policy and Economics, and thus are nationally accredited. We pride ourselves in the fact that these programs combine the advantages of contact-based and distance-based education drawing on the contribution of recognized national and international experts.

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