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10+1 reason to choose UPFBE

Valuable degree


We must remark that the diploma you will receive at our Faculty is valuable at recognised also internationally. We have several programmes after the completion of which you will get not only the Hungarian diploma but also that of the LondonMiddlesexUniversity, which will allow you to find a job in the international labour market more easily after graduation.

Multicultural environment


By opening towards international students and lecturers, we create the possibility to welcome the knowledge and experience gained all over the world. The 250 international students mean 250 new thoughts, new opinions and new points of view, which is priceless.

Vibrant student life


Experience the vibrant student life day and night in this genuine university city. On every side there are bars, restaurants and cafés on every corner in the city centre. Take the chance to study at one of the largest higher education institutions in Hungary with 20,000 other students. We proudly say that we are like a family here, there are many student organisations, and you can easily find an exciting community programme every week.

Cheap city


It does matter when doing higher education studies how high living costs in a respective city and country are in a month. Hungary and Pécs are good choices also because it is possible to find lodgings at relatively favourable prices, and living costs are not particularly high, either. You can have a pitcher of beer, for example, for HUF 400, which is just over one euro – you must admit it is really attractive… :)

Modern and cheap dormitory


The University of Pécs has ten dormitories. They are located in quiet, residential areas of the city. The Faculties of the University as well as the city centre are easily accessible from the dormitories. Most of the dormitories have recently been renovated. The rooms are nicely furnished and contain bathrooms. Bedclothes are supplied. Rooms are offered on a reasonable price level: approximately EUR 130 per month. 


10+1 reason to choose UPFBE
Berlin, London, Paris – foreign relations


Also from the DPR system: it is a fact valid for Hungary as a whole that graduates who have international experience will have a salary higher by HUF 60,000 on the average. Pécsiközgáz has contacts with more than 75 European institutions, and partners from Canada and the United States of America as well as Asia, among whom you will surely find a place where it is worth “suffering” for a semester or two. Experiences gained and language skills are priceless, for everything else there are Erasmus and Campus Hungary tenders!

High quality of teaching

On of the most important arguments for (he Faculty of Business and Economics of Pécs, Pécsiközgáz is the availability of a team of lecturers that is outstanding not only by Hungarian but also by international standards. You will hardly find a teacher at out Faculty who has not been given an award or an honour yet. Whether awards for publications or for the most innovative courses, several of these have been given to our teachers, which is a guarantee of high quality teaching.

…, like in tales

2,500 dollars in just 3 minutes – this is how much one of our student groups won in May 2019. How? Idea, innovation, start-up – magic words of today’s “economic public speech”. If you do not necessarily plan your future as employee in a multinational corporation but as the manager of an independent business, being your own boss – we will teach you how to be successful. You must have a good idea that we will evaluate and assist you to work out, and if it is really superb, we will also help you in finding the necessary resources for this. And then you can open your bank account…

Scholarship programmes


The Faculty pays special attention to allowing its students to acquire as broad a range of skills as possible. They have plenty of opportunities for this, due to our more than 75 partner institutions with which we have close contacts. This has allowed or students to pay visits to universities from Ohio right to Nanjing!

Safe and friendly city


The city of Pécs is famous for its friendliness and safety. University students in Pécs can feel safe when leaving their home for fun; they do not need to worry about facing an atrocity. Another important thing is that the local people are really friendly, so if you should get lost, do not hesitate to ask for directions!

Pécs is the town of the students

In Pécs every twelfth pedestrian you meet in the streets is likely to be a university student. At around campuses, this probability is almost 90%. There are very many programmes and since the city is big but not a metropolis by far and the places favoured by university students are usually concentrated in a few locations, it is relatively fast and easy to create inter-faculty acquaintances as well. From spring to autumn events happen in the streets: festivals, open-air programmes, trendy restaurants and cosy coffee bars await both city dwellers and visitors.