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10+1 reason to choose UPFBE

Valuable degree

We must remark that the diploma you will receive at our Faculty is valuable and recognised also internationally. Our Faculty is a member of the European Foundation for Management Development and our BSc in Business Administration and Management program gained EFMD programme accreditation.

Due to this, we have become one of the best business schools of the world. The EFMD accreditation acknowledges the excellence of the institution, the programme, the faculty and the administrative colleagues, the partners, the students and the alumni.


The university and the faculty offers a quite wide range of services to its students. Starting from organizing the orientation week, through the guidance services, all the way to work of the student organizations. The colleagues of the International Office and Study Department are helping you with your studies and life in Pécs and the student organizations take care of the entertainment. In case you need a quiet place to study, luckily the biggest library in the region is there for you.

Vibrant student life

Experience the vibrant student life day and night in this genuine university city. On every side there are bars, restaurants and cafés on every corner in the city centre. Take the chance to study at one of the largest higher education institutions in Hungary with 20,000 other students. We proudly say that we are like a family here, there are many student organisations, and you can easily find an exciting community programme every week.

Affordable City


The question of the monthly living costs is an important part of choosing a place where you would like to pursue your higher education studies. Beside, its numerous benefits Pécs is a good choice because it is possible to find lodgings at relatively favourable prices, and living costs are not particularly high, either. You can have a pitcher of beer, for example, for HUF 400, which is just over one euro – you must admit it is really attractive… :). More information>>>

Modern and affordable dormitory

The University of Pécs has ten dormitories. They are located in quiet, residential areas of the city. The Faculties of the University as well as the city centre are easily accessible from the dormitories. Most of them have recently been renovated. Each room has 3 resident in them and there is one kitchen and a bathroom for every 6 students, it is almost like an apartment. Bedclothes are supplied. Rooms are offered on a reasonable price level: approximately EUR 130 per month. Also, it is very important to know that we provide a place for all the freshmen. More information>>>


10+1 reason to choose UPFBE
We are proud of our foreign relations


Pécsiközgáz has contacts with more than 75 European institutions, and partners from Canada and the United States of America as well as Asia, among whom you will surely find a place where it is worth spending a semester or two. Experiences gained and language skills are priceless, for everything else here is the Erasmus. More information >>>


It is good to be here

The year 2020 hasn’t been only the year of redesigning and the digital teaching for us, but also the renovation of our building. From 2021 inside the walls of a historic building we welcome you with a modern, air-conditioned classrooms that are equipped with the most up to date technical devices. Furthermore, thanks to the relationship with our corporate partners we have uniquely designed and equipped schoolrooms which are not only suitable for studying, but for relaxing and enjoying the social life as well.

Try yourself in the real business world

2,500 dollars in just 3 minutes – this is how much one of our student groups won in May 2019. How? Idea, innovation, start-up – magic words of today’s “economic public speech”. If you do not necessarily plan your future as employee in a multinational corporation but as the manager of an independent business, being your own boss – we will teach you how to be successful. You must have a good idea that we will evaluate and assist you to work out, and if it is really superb, we will also help you in finding the necessary resources for this.

A spot to the talents

Our Faculty has a unique spot called Talent Centre. The centre is giving assistance to students in recognising and developing their talents and in the achievement of professional success. The colleagues of the centre offer unique services in higher education: coaching service; it operates a mentor programme, and organises workshops in different topics (stress management, time management, career planning, learning approaches etc.), all this with the assistance of enthusiastic coach and mentor colleagues trained from internal resources.

Safe and friendly city


The city of Pécs is famous for its friendliness and safety. University students in Pécs can feel safe when leaving their home for any reason any time; they do not need to worry about facing an atrocity. Another important thing is that the local people are really friendly, so if you get lost, do not hesitate to ask for directions!

If you need a bit of a break

International Evening, University festivals, sport events, social events organized by the faculty, university parties -, only a few of the events you are free to join. Of course life is not all about parties and festivals, but we are proud to say that according to our students’ opinion it is really easy to build and maintain a good relationship with the classmates and these relationships are obviously valuable at the moment but later on they could benefit you in your job as well.