Simonyi Summer Programme

Simonyi Business and Economics Development Center (Simonyi BEDC) is to accelerate entrepreneurial activities in the region and to enhance its socio-economic impact coordinates its integrated Simonyi BEDC Entrepreneurship Ecosystem that allows Simonyi BEDC to involve different stakeholders in its education programmes in a systematic manner.

Simonyi Summer Entrepreneurship Consulting Programme is designed to train and mentor participants from diverse disciplines to get involved in improving their own and their peers’ entrepreneurial mind-set. Participants learn how to co-create solutions through hands-in consulting working different teams with at least two project owners. Teams showcase their solutions in front of a professional panel at the end of the four weeks long program.

The Simonyi Summer Programme is a 4 weeks long educational program where students are independently working on and developing their business ideas into possible real businesses and providing consultancy services for Hungarian SME’s. The programme is jointly organised with Ohio University, USA.
It is a life changing four weeks of turn around career building, getting closer to innovative peers from across the globe, thinking with technologists, engineers, health care professionals, artists public authorities, investors and thought leaders. You can even develop and showcase your own innovation!


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