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MBA (Master of Business Administration)

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

online programme

Duration of the programme: 4 semesters, which can be shortened to 3 semesters depending on the student’s progress

Intakes: February & September 

Type of the programme: Online, distant learning


A long-tradition-based knowledge is combined with the advanced technological solutions. This offers a unique academic experience that is based on professional expertise. The programme is designed to help you in developing skills and competencies that are needed to unfold the full potential in you.

Flexibility hallmarks the online MBA programme. It incorporates the principles of distant learning:

  • students from all countries around the world can be enrolled,
  • the programme can be fully completed from your home country (with saving all travelling and housing costs),
  • can be completed without quitting your job or leaving your family,
  • all learning materials are provided in electronic form,
  • intensive individual learning with continuous professor supervision,
  • few but very intensive online contact hours, concentrating on synthesis, discussion, practical application of the learning material.

The Online MBA offers:

  • innovative leadership skills,
  • increased readiness to be more receptive to the international business trends,
  • advanced and forward-looking toolkit to achieve career goals,
  • problem-solving skills that are crucial to find innovative solutions not only in your workplace but in the society as a whole.


The purpose of the programme is to train executives and to develop analytic and strategy development skills by the interdisciplinarity and digital participation-based learning.

Novel, future oriented virtual classroom technique is synthetized with a multidimensional study programme. The quality of the programme is guaranteed by internationally highly recognised professors with PhD.

The curriculum is based on a culturally diverse learning platform that leads to a worldwide accepted European master’s degree.


The MBA programme gives you an innovative drive and a progressive learning experience that makes you respond to the challenges of nowadays’ business world. 

The qualification makes you suitable to fill in top management positions in medium-sized and large companies.


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Type of training


Educational time

Start of education


20 500 EUR for the whole programme, which includes:

  • 100 EUR application fee
  • 400 EUR for online learning materials
  • 5000 EUR per semester for the first 3 semesters (a moderate extra fee of 500 EUR per semester applies to deferring students for each extra semester), and
  • 5000 EUR for the thesis development and defence procedure.

4 semesters, which can be shortened to 3 semesters depending on the student’s progress

First intake: February 2022