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Visegrad Scholarship Program 2019

The International Visegrad Fund is now offering Master’s and Post-Master’s scholarships to citizens of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries (Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia).

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Ohio International Consulting Program

May 25 – June 21 2019, Ohio University, USA
Call for Applications for UP FBE students

The University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics announces a call for application for the Ohio International Consulting Program with an independent preliminary industry and company analysis followed by a 4 week long face-to-face project work at the Athens campus of Ohio University (OU).


The aim of the call:

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Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program 2019

Do you want to...

  • get hands-on experience in social innovation and transformation?
  • experience  real-life business projects?
  • work with international students and professionals?

Then participate in the life changing three weeks of the Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program between June 21 and July 12.

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5let Outlet Idea Competition

Do you have a good idea?

Apply for 5let Outlet Idea Competition!

The best ideas will be involved in Incubation Program, where consultancy package with 2 million HUF estimated value (internal mentor, 4 workshop, global incubation platform, certificate) will be provided for idea owners during the development process.

At the end of the semester you can present your developed idea for the members of Hiventures.

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Apply to the International Video Pitch Competition 2019

Have a startup business idea or an existing business?

Apply to the International Video Pitch Competition

Students are invited to submit their ideas in the form of a 2 minute video pitch and a one page business outline.

Submissions are judged by an international panel of investors and business professionals so you can get feedback  about your idea or project direkt from business experts.


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Apply to the Certificate in Data Science and Entrepreneurship Program

Boost your entrepreneurial skills and make yourself greatly valuable on the labor market.

If you want to complement your degree with a specialized entrepreneurial skillset participate in our Certificate in Entrepreneurship program with Data Science specialization by enrolling into courses this spring.

If you complete 15 ECTS credits by completing a selected list of these courses you can have your certificate by mid-July.


The available courses are the following:

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Orientation Week at the UPFBE!

Each semester an Orientation Week is held for the new international students of the University of Pécs coming from all over the world.

This special information week is organized by the Faculty as well on the beginning of the semester. We inform you about many important topics at the Orientation Week and you will have a chance to get acquainted with the university, learn about the student services available to you, meet with the international coordinators, and much more. You'll also make lots of new friends!

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Intern at HPS

Are you ready for take-off with a full-service agency?

HPS is a full-service advertising agency with 25 years of experience behind its back. Now, we’re looking for an intern ready to deep-dive into ATL and BTL campaigns, strategic planning, film making and many many more.
What we provide:

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Apply for the free Joyful Leadership Online Course and become Joyful Leader!

The Joyful Leadership is the process of influencing others with joy about what and how needs to be done to accomplish shared goals for the benefit of all. This concept was carefully developed by an international team of experts who poured all their decades of experience and knowledge in this holistic ”Tree of life” approach, wanting to empower new generations of role model leaders.

Apply for the FREE Joyful Leadership Online Course at the website: https://www.joyful-leader.com/apply/

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Business Degree Programs

The Faculty devotes itself to preparing its students for a career in the business world. We are proud of our ability to offer full educational programs in English at Bachelor, Master levels and BA and MA double degrees in German.

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Cerificate Programs

Short term (2 semesters) programs with strong practice orientation. Open to all UP students and free within the UP campus credits (non-UP students pay course fees).

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International PhD Programs

Our International PhD Programs are developed on the basis of the Hungarian PhD program of the Doctoral Schools of Business Administration and Regional Policy and Economics, and thus are nationally accredited. We pride ourselves in the fact that these programs combine the advantages of contact-based and distance-based education drawing on the contribution of recognized national and international experts.

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