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Development centers

Internship Center

The aim of the Internship Center is to provide exciting and valuable real-life corporate experiences at the Faculty for its students. Our interns do not only gain valuable professional experience, improve their skills and expand their networks in an inspiring professional setting, but they also earn credits for their work and they can even complete their compulsory internship through the programs offered by the Internship Center.

Talent Centre

The objective of the Talent Centre is giving assistance to students of the FBE of UP in recognising and developing their talents and in the achievement of professional success; contributing thereby to the increased value of our students on the labour market and the satisfaction of the needs of our business partners.

Pécsiközgáz Training Centre

The Centre gives opportunities, in the framework of further trainings, to students possessing diploma with which they can specialise and supplement their existing skills for a successful performance on the labour market. In addition, the Centre offers special trainings matching the market demands which may promote the acquisition of new competencies.

Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre

The goal of the Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre (RIERC) is the improvement of the efficiency of the workshop character of the research activities pursued for more than a decade at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs (FBE of UP), with positive feedbacks from the international and Hungarian professional circles, and the reinforcement of the visibility as a group.

Simonyi BEDC Entrepreneurship Centre

The centre of excellence founded in 2013 on the knowledge base of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the UP assists the enlargement and development of business and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge with its unique educational methodology. The service is available for students, researchers and teachers from different sectors. The aim of the Centre, linking the academic and the business sector, is to fulfil an “Economic Centre of Gravity” role in the region of South Transdanubia.

The Core lab

The CoRe lab Consumer Behavior Research Center was established to support scientific, student and market goals through innovative research solutions. The Center's ever-expanding methodological toolkit currently focuses on eye tracking, which provides new types of insights by exploring consumers' unconscious decision-making mechanisms.