Student Voice Leaders



What is a Student Voice Leader?

At the start of each academic year, all students elect at least 1 Student Voice Leader (SVL) to represent the year of their study program. Throughout the year, you can go to them to suggest ideas and give feedback about your module, programme or wider Faculty experience. They'll then work with your Programme Leader and other University staff to find solutions and make your time at FBE the best it can be.
The student voice leaders are elected at the beginning of every academic year to ensure that the interests of students on the programme are represented. They are also responsible for feeding back the outcomes of any meetings or events they attend. Student voice leaders will be selected, either by election or self-nomination.


Programme Voice Groups (PVG)

As a Student Voice Leader, you'll be invited to attend the Programme Voice Groups which takes place twice a year. These are productive meetings, useful for both students and staff and is the ideal opportunity to represent and feedback the views and concerns of your study programme and year to Academic and Service staff.
Along with the feedback you've collected, the Groups will also discuss information relating to the quality of your programme such as:

  • External Examiner reports (if relevant)
  • Data and action plans from student surveys
  • Updates from programme staff.


Taking part

You'll be encouraged to contribute during the PVG as well as attend the pre-meeting to ensure you can give feedback and shape the agenda of the PVG meeting. If you're not able to attend, you'll have the opportunity to submit a written report instead. If there are no Student Voice Leaders able to attend, ideally the PVG should be rescheduled to ensure there is an active discussion about the programmes.
The minutes of the previous Programme Voice Group will be made available to all students for review and you will be able to provide feedback to your cohort.

The membership of a PVG meeting includes:

  • Student voice leaders
  • Faculty leadership
  • Programme Director
  • Programme coordinator and other academic staff involved in the delivery of the programme and/or modules
  • Head of the Study Department
  • Head of the International Office
  • EFMD Coordinator
  • Representative of the Talent and Competence Development Spot
  • Support services representatives (if it is necessary)


Further information

The Programme Voice Group should be a place for discussion and an exchange of views, it should not be an environment for individual criticism or blame. A Programme Voice Group should allow students and staff to work together to improve the experience – for both staff and students – on a programme or group of programmes.


Interested in being a Student Voice Leader? We've tried to collect some basic information for you:

There are no specific skills or experience you need to be a Student Voice Leader! All we ask is that you care about your study programme, and you want to help your fellow students make a difference!
Being a Student Voice Leader is a flexible role which fits around your life and studies. You can commit as much time as you choose to gathering feedback from your colleagues, all we ask is that you:

  • Talk to others on your study programme/Year and gather their opinions - it's entirely up to you how you do this.
  • Attend your pre-meet and Programme Voice Groups

It's entirely up to you how you gather feedback from your classmates on your study programme. Here are some suggestions:

  • Create and send out surveys.
  • Speak to your lecturer and ask if you can do a lecture shoutout once elected, or if they would allow you five or ten minutes at the start/end of a class to hear from your classmates and get their feedback.
  • Set up a WhatsApp or Facebook group for you and your classmates.
  • Email your classmates, or give them your email so they can contact your with any feedback and ideas.
  • Meet up with your classmates individually or in groups to have a tea or coffee and catch up about how they're finding your course.
  • Place a comment box in a communal space.

Programme Voice Groups are termly meetings (two per year) and are attended by Student Voice Leaders, programme leaders, tutors and support staff. They are a really valuable space for you to bring up issues you and your classmates are facing on your modules, your year group or your entire study programme!
You'll be meeting with people who have the power to make the changes you want to see, and who are interested to hear things from your point of view, so it's important to be prepared.