Simonyi BEDC

Simonyi BEDC Entrepreneurship Centre

The centre of excellence founded in 2013 on the knowledge base of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the UP assists the enlargement and development of business and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge with its unique educational methodology. The service is available for students, researchers and teachers from different sectors. The aim of the Centre, linking the academic and the business sector, is to fulfil an “Economic Centre of Gravity” role in the region of South Transdanubia.

The mission of the Simonyi BEDC Entrepreneurship Centre as a centre of excellence is the enlargement and development of entrepreneurial and business capacities, skills and knowledge for the discovery, promotion and market utilisation of inter- and multidisciplinary innovations and inventions. A further goal of Simonyi BEDC is to achieve the enlargement and development of business and innovative capacities by the institutionalised, continuous and effective collaboration of the academic and the business sector. During the realisation of these goals the Centre strives for international cross-border cooperations, enlarging thereby the market opportunities for Hungarian innovations and inventions, and giving impulses, information and knowledge to entrepreneurs that generate innovation and inventions or have the potential to do so.


  • 5LET OUTLET (“Idea outlet”) for the implementation of ingenious ideas
  • Simonyi International Video Pitch, for project owners to acquire the starting capital necessary for launching the business
  • Pitching sessions for the demonstration of the ideas and the persuasion of investors
  • Hatchery, a place for active and fizzy student life
  • Diverse professional programmes for the widening of the entrepreneurial attitude
  • Mentors and a development team for as many projects to be realised as possible

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