Major Hungarian Labour Law Regulations in Force



Good to know: major hungarian labour law regulations in force

What is the difference between employment and freelance in legal terms? What is the maximum daily working time? What is the minimum wage? How many hours of overtime can I legally work in a day? When do I get paid? What is the probationary period? How can I quit a job? How can I be dismissed by my employer?

These are questions that all workers face - no matter what sector, employer or country they work in. Labour law provides the answers. Labour law provides basic guarantees for working individuals. Basic guarantees that make the employment relationship liveable, secure and even predictable.

The "labour law compass" shows students (among others) the answers to these questions from a practical point of view. The aim is not to present a set of rules, but to provide guidance that will enable participants to navigate easily, even independently, through the "legal maze" of the employment relationship.

Location: B020

Performer: Dr. Ásványi Zsófia