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About us

We are proud of the innovative approach we take in our work and education as well. Recognizing the importance of mechanical observation methods, the Center's profile has been developed by focusing on eye-tracking methodology.

Innovative Methods

We focus on the application of innovative marketing research methods, since our aim is to apply these methods in the research process in addition to or besides the usual methods, in order to help answer specific research questions.

Consumer Behaviour Research

Thanks to our colleagues' many years of market research experience, we apply traditional marketing research methods to high standards, whether it is quantitative or qualitative.



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Crocus Gere Hotel & Resort in Villány asked for help in designing a new website and in-depth understanding of its target groups. Together with our students, we worked with the hotel in the fall of 2018.


In fall 2018, we conducted a research for Tenkes Wine Region Development Nonprofit Ltd. to support the communication of the community wine product called the RedY of the Villány Wine Region.

Our Partners