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At the CoRe lab Consumer Behaviour Research Centre within the Center of Applied Learning (CAL), we are proud of the innovative approach we take in our work and education as well. Recognizing the importance of mechanical observation methods, the Center's profile has been developed by focusing on eye-tracking methodology.



Consumer behaviour research

Thanks to our researchers' many years of market experience, we apply traditional marketing research methods to high standards, whether quantitative or qualitative.

Innovative methods

At the CoRe lab, we focus on the application of innovative marketing research methods, as our aim is to apply these methods in the research process, in addition to or alongside the use of conventional methods, to effectively help answer a research question.

Eye Tracking

The eye camera is an emerging tool in the study of consumer behaviour, opening up a new dimension for researchers to understand unconscious behaviour.


Corporate Talk - In the wake of retail technology: checkout optimisation and self-service checkouts

In March, Attila Bessenyei, CEO of Laurel, will be our guest, with whom we will start the year 2024 with a really exciting topic.

Call for the 3rd Omnichannel Day

CALL FOR THE 3rd Omnichannel Day about the consumer journey in an omnichannel environment 6 June 2024, Pécs, Hungary (hybrid event, available also on..

Corporate Talk - IKEA: Is the economic crisis affecting (also) interior design?

We continue our Corporate Talk with IKEA and our guest is Katalin Andor, Consumer and Customer Insight Manager.


Online flight booking UX research

User experiences, attitudes and problems related to online flight ticket purchases were investigated among consumers with Neticle.

ABSL Hungary

Working together with ABSL Hungary

Christmas research

As the year approaches, the CoRe lab research team is following consumers' reactions to the current festive season with a tense curiosity.

EMOK satisfaction research

We conducted a satisfaction survey for EMOK in 2022.

KTK website UX research

In order to make the PTE KTK website easier to use, we conducted an eye-tracking search.

Mobility research for an HR services company

The CoRe lab was involved in data collection and analysis for a research report on mobility.

Research on university students' employment

It is becoming increasingly popular for students to work while studying, so we wanted to find out about attitudes towards student employment.

GLAMOUR-days mini research

In October 2022, we carried out an exciting online diary survey to explore the experiences and motivations behind GLAMOUR-days.

Research for SPAR Hungary

#studentproject #sparhungary

LeasePlan concept testing

Our qualitative research project focused on the use of electric cars.


Research supporting city marketing strategy


On behalf of the Mayor’s Office of the City of Pécs, we carried out a complex research, the main aim of which was to support the city marketing strategy.

ZsCQ: A research to help increase visitor numbers

#studentproject #zsolnayquarter #questionnaire

In-store research with an eye-tracker

In 2019, we conducted a customer survey for a retail chain operating in Hungary.


Complex research to support strategic planning

We carried out a complex research based on the questions of a Hungarian higher education institution.

Analysis of the Pécs-Villány tourism region

In addition to secondary analysis and in-depth interviews, observations were carried out to get to know the region.

Plastic-free July – mini-survey

In July, we conducted a short but interesting survey on sustainability. #researchonline


Munch.hu: A research supporting innovation development

#studentproject #munch.hu #deskresearch #in-depth-interview


Research to support campaign design

We conducted research on the use of social media by deaf and hard of hearing young people for the joint campaign ‘Stories to Sign’ by SINOSZ and the feat.


Crocus Gere Hotel & Resort in Villány asked for help in designing a new website and in-depth understanding of its target groups. Together with our students, we worked with the hotel in the fall of 2018.


In fall 2018, we conducted a research for Tenkes Wine Region Development Nonprofit Ltd. to support the communication of the community wine product called the RedY of the Villány Wine Region.

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