Student life


You will feel that being a Pécsiközgáz student is not only a state; it is also a state of mind.

It is true that learning and going to “school” will be totally different than it was in secondary school years, but after a short while you will easily get used to it and take on the university student existence. What you do not have to be afraid of is having boring years at the university. The centres and student organisations active in our Faculty do their best to give you not only knowledge but also unforgettable experiences and memories before you start your career in life.

Below we give you useful pieces of information and even more useful tips.


In addition to the traditional classroom studies, exchange programs, international conferences, field trips and a variety of cultural programs provide students with a huge number of opportunities to achieve something whilst enjoying life to the full. The University of Pécs maintains an environment, which inspires students to excel, although academic life is only part of the BA and MSc experience.

There are abundant opportunities to participate in student organizations and leadership as well as in activities matching the particular interest of the students. Besides representing students’ interests at official university forums the Student Representative Board and the Student Organization are proactive in organizing a wide range of activities. These include the Pécs Spring Festival, Faculty Days, Movie Nights, our Freshmen’s Ball, the “Fox-Chase” running competition and so on.

Students can also experience the production of the faculty magazine Fészek (Nest) from writing the articles till sending it to the print. If someone has a good eye to capture the moment, like helping fellow students if they are stuck with their studies, or simply want to gain extra knowledge of the profession, one should join the preferred student organization and be a member of the team!