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Which education should I choose?

Bachelor programs

In our bachelor trainings we offer business and economics majors that are not only popular with the secondary school graduates but will also allow employment after graduation with a great certainty, or will provide the conditions of continuing studies at master level.

Master programs

The goal of our master trainings is to further enrich bachelor graduates, and also experts already experienced and working in the business life, both as regards their knowledge and their skills. We can proudly say that at this level we give thorough and diverse theoretical foundation to those who want to deal with specific partial disciplines at academic level.

Doctoral programs

Our goal is the education of such young “scholars” who, by their researches, may become dominant actors in economic decision-making at national, regional and international level. Our further programmes recommended for middle and top managers reflect the idea of lifelong learning.


Work in Greece!

That is what Job Trust has been offering to thousands of students for the last 14 years.

The GLOBAL MINDS – your local driving force in cooperation and self-improvement

The Global minds program is a volunteering program, a community accelerator and an educational platform.

Erasmus+ call for application and Erasmus Open Day

Are you a fee-paying student of the Faculty of Business and Economics?

3-days Faculty orientation was a huge success

The program was held by the International Office in order to welcome the School’s international newcomers.
Pécsiközgáz Alma Mater Scholarship

If you have limited chances for a state-financed place, you need not be sad. Fortunately, at Pécsiközgáz you can apply, in addition to university supports tenderable in a normal procedure, for Pécsiközgáz Alma Mater study and social scholarship. In addition, all information and administration is given to you about the Diákhitel2 (Student Loan 2).If you have limited chances for a state-financed place, you need not be sad. Fortunately, at Pécsiközgáz you can apply, in addition to university supports tenderable in a normal procedure, for Pécsiközgáz Alma Mater study and social scholarship. In addition, all information and administration is given to you about the Diákhitel2 (Student Loan 2).

A pizza a day


The tuition fee at Pécsiközgáz is HUF 215,000 on the average (which may change depending on major and training form). You can calculate that this is HUF 1,330 a day, not more than the prize of a pizza. According to the survey by Workania, a career starter with economics degree earns between HUF 181,000 and 302,000 a month on the average, so a starting salary available with a degree of the Pécsiközgáz ranges from HUF 6,000 and 10,000 a day. This is by and large a return of 460-770%. And this is only the beginning…

In there months…

The findings of the 2013 DPR system (a system for tracking graduates’ careers: at certain intervals our former students are surveyed, among other things in connection with their placements, positions, careers ad salaries) demonstrate that students graduating from Pécsiközgáz will find a job within 3 months after graduation on the average. And this job is up to their qualification, so learning was not in vain.

Among the cheapest lodgings in Hungary

The data of Privátbankár show that the prices of lodgings are almost the lowest in Pécs, in comparison with the districts giving home to the 10 big universities of Budapest and the 7 university cities of Hungary (for a 30m2 apartment position 16/17, for a 60m2 apartment position 15/17). Public transportation, shopping and parties also cost less than in the capital city – although these amounts may be quite diverse, depending on demand and solvency.

10+1 reason to choose UPFBE
Berlin, London, Paris


Also from the DPR system: it is a fact valid for Hungary as a whole that graduates who have international experience will have a salary higher by HUF 60,000 on the average. Pécsiközgáz has contacts with more than 72 European institutions, and partners from Canada and the United States of America as well as Asia, among whom you will surely find a place where it is worth “suffering” for a semester or two. Experiences gained and language skills are priceless, for everything else there are Erasmus and Campus Hungary tenders!

It does matter where it is from

We asked the members of the Alumni Council, consisting of the most successful ex-students of Pécsiközgáz, what they can thank for their alma mater. The diverse responses had one thing in common: they all agreed that until the first job it does matter where the applicants got their diplomas. Employers categorise on the basis of the fame of a university or a faculty, the quality of the education there and the performance of the graduates. We are proud of the fact that Pécsiközgáz has been for long years considered as one of the top universities (HVG ranking, Heti Válasz).

…, like in tales

2,500 dollars in just 3 minutes – this is how much one of our student groups won in May 2019. How? Idea, innovation, start-up – magic words of today’s “economic public speech”. If you do not necessarily plan your future as employee in a multinational corporation but as the manager of an independent business, being your own boss – we will teach you how to be successful. You must have a good idea that we will evaluate and assist you to work out, and if it is really superb, we will also help you in finding the necessary resources for this. And then you can open your bank account…

The world that our grandchildren will inherit

If sustainability is not an unknown concept to you, in fact, it is even important for you, you have found a good place here. Why are the houses of Japanese blocks of buildings painted with zebra stripes and why is it worth chatting more on the phone of the future? Blue economy – which is a further developed theory of the green approach – tries to find the methods and processes by which environmental stress can be even further decreased. It reorganises, building on simple and astonishingly interesting examples taken from nature, the everyday economic and industrial processes for the sustenance of liveability.

Rainbow and net

Fészek, HÖT, JESZ, Kappa Tau Béta, MKT. These are but a few incomprehensible abbreviations from among the numerous student organisations which, from newspaper through theatre acting right to sport management, will give you splendid opportunities to satisfy your interests and to test different positions and responsibilities. We cannot overemphasise the importance of the network of relations created meanwhile, a network that is becoming more and more complex and useful all the time.

… and the city

In Pécs every twelfth pedestrian you meet in the streets is likely to be a university student. At around campuses, this probability is almost 90%. There are very many programmes and since the city is big but not a metropolis by far and the places favoured by university students are usually concentrated in a few locations, it is relatively fast and easy to create inter-faculty acquaintances as well. From spring to autumn events happen in the streets: festivals, open-air programmes, trendy restaurants and cosy coffee bars await both city dwellers and visitors.


Make up the schedule of the admission process as soon as possible! Set the reminder in your diary so that you do not forget anything for sure!
Study carefully the input and output requirements of the major you have chosen, and also the curricula in order to get to know what subjects you are going to learn.
Ask your parents or friends for their opinion or consult an upper-year student to get to know their viewpoints as well.
Fill out as many personality tests as possible, or perhaps contact a career orientation expert so that you can choose a major that best fits your personality.
Make costs calculations for all options so that you have a better overview of the financial implications of our studies.
Go to as man open days a possible to get the most information about the major you have chosen and the Faculty!