Department of Economics and Econometrics

Director: Prof. Dr. Tamás Sebestyén

The Department of Economics and Econometrics contributes to the educational programs of UPFBE, mainly through courses in economic theory and methodology. Most of our colleagues hold an academic degree and teach almost a dozen compulsory, basic (so-called Module A) courses in both the Bachelor and Master programs of the school. In addition, the Department offers several elective courses and contributes to the PhD programs with several courses. The high quality of our colleagues' teaching is recognized by the students' evaluations and by the fact that three of our active colleagues have been awarded the "Golden Cathedra" prize by the University of Pécs. Scientific research is an important aspect of the Department's activities. Our colleagues have an internationally visible record of scientific output and are strongly embedded in academic networks. The Department links strongly with the Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre and the EconNet research group. We continuously develop our courses with innovative pedagogical solutions, using digitalization, student-centered and solution-oriented methods in the classroom to provide our students with a solid knowledge base for their future studies.