Strategy 2022-2026

The Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs (FBE of UP) had a very successful period in the double deanship cycle 2015-2022. The measures and management tools to maintain and further increase the success rate will be fundamentally determined by the change of model made in 2021.

Everything therefore seems to be in place to enable the Faculty to operate in the coming years under more predictable conditions than hitherto, with a more secure and predictable budget, to remain in control of its own affairs and to aim for and achieve higher and higher levels of excellence through the work of its colleagues who are motivated by financial appreciation and career opportunities.


OUR VISION is a community of inspiring, global, business-minded individuals and organisations with a passion for and interest in their discipline whose members are dedicated to the promotion of local, regional economic and social development.


To train excellent, solution-oriented, responsible business professionals to promote sustainable development in the local and wider environment. To this end, we provide quality education and training, resulting in well-prepared students and staff for the labour market, and build on partnerships to develop our own knowledge and competences, with the inclusion of external actors, if necessary.


The Faculty reached the limits of quantitative growth in the previous period. In addition, the change of the maintenance model in the summer of 2021 and the long-term financing contract concluded in this context make it clear that the maintenance model does not set quantitative but strict quality/excellence requirements for the institution and makes the provision of resources conditional on the fulfilment of these characteristics. We have redefined our vision and mission to focus on quality and excellence in the period 2022-2026, on intensive rather than extensive growth, i.e., on further quantitative growth. In order to achieve our mission of providing solution-oriented education based on strong scientific foundations and on corporate examples and cases, and education that meets international quality standards, we have five main objectives for the 5-year period 2022-2026:

Developing the teaching staff

Improving the quality of the student body

Developing international programmes

Enhancing academic excellence

Strengthening corporate and alumni relations

HR Strategy

HR Strategy and Implementation Guidelines