University of Pécs

During the time of founding the first universities in Central Europe, King Louis established the first Hungarian university in Pécs in 1367. Its persistence, however, remains uncertain. According to historical research, there must have been a separate College of Law and a College of Theology in Pécs by the end of the 15th century, replacing the university. In 1785 Emperor Joseph II moved the Royal Academy from Győr to Pécs, which was, however, relocated again in 1802. 

In 1833 bishop Ignácz Szepessy, in co-operation with the town council, established the Academy of Pécs, which worked with faculties of law and arts. On 15th June 1921, the Hungarian Parliament passed a bill in which the Elisabeth University, previously operating in Pozsony, was transferred to Pécs. From 1923 the institution included faculties of law, medicine, humanities and theological studies at the University. The Faculty of Humanities was brought to Kolozsvár in 1941. In 1951 the Faculty of Medicine became independent, so the University of Pécs had a single Faculty of Law. 

In 1975, The Faculty of Economics was organized which, since 1970, had worked as a transferred branch of the Karl Marx University of Economics in Pécs. 

The Teacher Training College of Pécs became integrated as a Faculty to the university in 1982. The first step towards the modern university with six faculties was set up in 1991 when after undergoing significant structural changes the Faculty of Teacher Training split into the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Sciences. The Pollack Mihály Technical College was integrated into the university, and the Faculty of Performing and Fine Arts was established in 1995.

The university has been running International Programs in English for non-Hungarian students since 1987. These programs work with a professional team of academics who can offer courses under a broad scope of Central and Eastern European Studies. 

The University of Pécs celebrated the 650th jubilee of its foundation in 2017. On this festive occasion our institution organizes a series of ceremonial events which will be significant for the city of Pécs, the Transdanubian region and for Hungary as well. 


University of Pécs – Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE)

Established in 1970, the Faculty of Business and Economics at UP, is the second oldest School of Economics in Hungary, that has become a leading player in Hungarian Higher Education. With more than 3,000 students enrolled in our programs, we offer up-to-date education and research in Business Sciences and the comprehensive theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge ensures our students' success in their career.​

The school’s wide range of international partnerships, with 73 European and several non-European universities, allow 15-20% of our students to spend at least one semester abroad. To broaden their opportunities we have established strong collaboration with the business and entrepreneurial environment. The outstanding number of highly qualified faculty and the doctoral students at FBE are active and respected participants who integrate very well into social and economic research in Hungary and abroad. The school is not only an educational institution but also a rich and creative network of faculty, students, international and corporate specialists, and alumni in senior management positions or dynamic entrepreneurs. FBE is a community of practitioners in the economic sciences and the business world and, as such, a hugely significant regional knowledge center.