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Mission, vision and core values


is to become an inspiring, globally recognised community of business professionals, which inspires its members throughout their professional lives to bring relevant impacts to the local socio-economic environment.



is to inspire people to achieve their best by delivering high-quality business education in a student-centred, global environment. It is committed to building a higher education institution that supports all its stakeholders in achieving the best they can in their business life.


Strategic Principles of the School

Core values

We are proud of our values, which serve as the foundation for our vision, drive our mission and framework our strategy:

V1| Respect

the School respects individual and collective performance, motivating and supporting careers and wellbeing of its stakeholders

V2| Flexibility

the School operates in a rapidly changing environment and so are its stakeholders, in which flexibility and innovative attitude is considered to be a key success factor

V3| Stability

UPFBE is a 50-year-old school with experience and knowledge inherited and further developed by generations, which is committed to providing a stable background to its stakeholders

V4| Sensitivity

openness of the community towards the individual, the environment and general social issues is a characteristic the School can be proud of, and due to which the School can be an open-minded, friendly place.


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