NEPTUN Electronic Administration System and Intranet (Meet Street)

At the beginning of each semester it is your responsibility to set your status in the NEPTUN as active and to sign up for your courses in the course registration period. Furthermore, in the exam period you have to sign up for each examination date otherwise you won’t be allowed to participate in the examination. NEPTUN is available here. 

Meet Street is the unified intranet of The University of Pécs and has a double function. It is for announcing news and also for making the learning material available for students. Meet Street is available from the Faculty’s website and it is advisable to be visited on a regular basis in order to learn every important information.

At the beginning of your studies you will receive an intensive training program that will provide you with all the information on the options of the intranet. To log into the intranet you will have to use your student ID number and the password that was provided to you at the beginning of your studies. If you have any difficulties using the intranet please contact the Student Affairs Officer.