The University Library and Centre for Learning has a total floor space of nearly 13 000 square meters. The complete collection of the University of Pécs consists of more than 1 million volumes. The Collection provides information and documents for its registered readers.

Students and staff of the University can use the majority of library services free of charge after subscribing to any of the faculty libraries or the Central Library. As ours is a public library, our subscribers include people from the city and the region, students from various Hungarian universities and many other people. The Library of the University of Pécs is a network library and consists of 15 faculty, institution and departmental libraries. They have a unified computer catalog system and web-site and regulation.

Registration is free for the students of the University of Pécs. Documents required for registration are: identity card/ driving-licence/ passport and student ID. Subscribers can use readers' rooms, computers with an internet connection either in labs or in dedicated library areas, do catalogue searches, request books from stacks with the option to borrow those printed after 1900 and not part of special collections, request documents not available in our libraries via interlibrary loan, get photocopies, ask for literature guidance for research and assignments. Registered members can borrow up to ten documents for one month at a time. The loan period can be renewed twice a month.

The services of our binding unit in the Central Library are also at the disposal of library users. 

Address: 7622 Pécs, Universitas str. 2/A

Phone: (72) 501-650/28021

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 8.00-20.00; Sunday 10.00-18.00