How to get to Pécs?

You might choose several ways to arrive to Pécs. For those who drive to our city, we recommend Google maps, or the Via Michelin journey planner. You might also choose to travel by plane. In this case you can arrive in Budapest Airport (Liszt Ferenc Airport) from all over the world.

There are many possibilities arriving in Pécs from Budapest Airport. You can reach the city of Pécs by using a shuttle service or by public transport. 


Shuttle service

The shuttle transfer service takes you directly to the dormitory from the airport. Two companies offer such services. You can make your seat reservation on-line:

The price for a single journey is approximately 27 EURO/person or 8600 Ft


By car

In Hungary four interstate highways and four main roads leave from Budapest (except the main road 8).

It is obligatory to have a toll-road sticker for all highways (available at the frontier and at gas stations). The sticker for 10-day duration is approx. 2000-3000 HUF (approx.€7-10).

The same rules of the road apply as in the other European countries. However, here are some rules tourist must stick to: the speed limit in town is 50km/h, outside of living space 90km/h and on highways 110km/h. In town honking is only permitted in justified cases. Drinking and driving is punished very strictly.

Car rentals: AvisSixt

All have desks located immediately after customs on the arrivals levels in both Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B



Motar is the most liked ridesharing website in central Europe. As driver, you can post your offer in a few seconds, while as passenger, you can search among the drivers' offers.


Public transport

If you want a cheaper journey, you can also approach Pécs on train or by bus.

It takes a little bit longer, about 4 hours. You can plan your journey to the train/bus station in Budapest form the airport on the following link:


    Railway stations: Budapest has three main international railway stations.

    • Eastern Station (so called "Keleti Pályaudvar") - Address: VIII. Baross tér)
    • Western Station ("Nyugati Pályaudvar") - Address: Nyugati tér
    • Southern Station ("Déli Pályaudvar") - Address: I. Krisztina krt. 37/a

    The two railway stations from which trains are leaving to Pécs is the so-called "Déli Pályaudvar" (Southern Station), the other is the "Keleti Pályaudvar" (Eastern Station).

    The timetables are available by clicking on the following links:

    Daytime transport service – key routes - Budapest:

    Route planning and timetables of Budapest public transportation:

    Your practical guide to Budapest public transportation: