Dancing University

The Dancing University has not lost any of its popularity since it was founded in 2000. In the past ten years the success was unbroken; moreover, in the last semesters there were more than 1,700 applicants trying to fit into the maximum of 1,000 places a semester.

This means that 10% of full-time students wish to take the courses of the Dancing University. One reason for its popularity is that these courses are also accepted as physical education classes at all faculties. Since the last academic year one dance course is also available in Szekszárd at the Illyés Gyula Faculty of Education.

The great success and appreciation of the program casts a favourable light on the University of Pécs, and the performing teams have proven their dancing ability at many university, city, and national festivals and competitions. Due to this reputation there is high demand for the program and courses often fill up in a few minutes after registration begins. To meet the high demand, this semester we offered two parallel courses but applicants must still be very quick in order to be able to get in.

In 2005 Dancing University set the Guinness record of „the most people belly dancing simultaneously" and on the 27th September 2010 the project reclaimed this title.

Our performer groups have been offering great program since 2000. In February 2011 the Dancing University Dance Team was founded in order to be able to perform in the most various dance styles

Dancing university