For parents

Orientation dilemmas – how to go on?

During career orientation it is often very important that parents should support their children in their study decisions. For this reason our Faculty does not only want so help students but also wishes to provide parents with adequate information.

  • What are the important deadlines that must be met?
  • What financial burden does higher education studies mean and will this investment return?
  • Is it worth taking up a student loan?
  • What is the difference between secondary school and higher education teaching? 
  • What supports and scholarships are available?


Why is Pécsiközgáz a good choice?

At Pécsiközgáz we encourage students for critical analyses, creative thinking and the application of theories in practice. We are proud of being one of those economic higher education institutions of Hungary that have the highest recognition.

Several universities offer economic trainings, but here – at Pécsiközgáz – a family-like, student friendly and supportive community awaits students. Why do we find it important? We believe that the applicants to our Faculty can reach their full potential in an environment where not only are they given all assistance for their professional development but they also have a good time. Semester after semester we organise several programmes like quiz nights, professional presentations, international conferences, study tours abroad and company weeks so that our students, in addition to getting to know theory and practice, should also meet as many aspects and representatives of the business and company sector and possible so that they can launch successful careers for themselves.


Why is it worth getting a degree in economics?

Economists, experts of economic issues are needed in all fields of life, in all sectors, domestic or international businesses, non-for-profit organisations or public administration.

Our graduates find jobs in short time, in 2-3 months on the average and have positions harmonising with their qualification. They are employed as finance experts, marketing or tourism experts, event organisers, managers, consultants or HR staff, they can select from different positions offered in the business life, or they often found their own businesses, maybe they will impact economic policy decisions in analysing, research or decision-making functions. It is definitely worth choosing economic studies, as they offer diverse career opportunities, besides above-average salaries and thus a rapid return of the investment.