What does an Economist do?

In the enrolment period this question is always asked: what does an economist do? Answers usually are very diverse, still, in addition to the fact that an economist works in a bank and deals with money, not much more is said. Being an economist, however, is an occupation much more diverse than this.

Economics is a branch of social sciences that deals with the economic system, its operation and the satisfaction of the needs of the actors of economy, like individuals, households, businesses and states. Why is this important? Goods available in the world are scarce, so economists must optimise not only production but also distribution. Accordingly, economists analyse problems and work on their solutions, drafting all possible options. Such a problem might be for example what to produce, how much, how, and how all these products should be distributed among the respective groups of society.


Why is economist career a good choice?

The world is constantly changing, as are people, society, culture, economy itself and the market. It is often difficult to contemplate and harness this continuously pulsing, fluctuating and more and more accelerating process.

  • Would you still be brave enough to face all these challenges?
  • Do you want to better know and understand the world that surrounds us?
  • Would you like to be the expert to shape the economy and the power relations of economic actors, in order to make this world better also by this?
  • Do you feel enough creative power in you to create something new?
  • Do you like competition and tactics, and do you feel like overcoming others and making a difference?
  • Are you a little bit interested in mathematics and are you good at it?

If the answers to all these questions are yes, our economic trainings are just for you!


When to start it if not now?

Markets have opened up, and parallel to this the number of opportunities has grown. The market always need determined leaders, economist who understand its operation, and who are able to forecast in the longer run the positive and negative consequences of the economic decisions. This also means that a diploma of economics in your hand will allow you to easily find a job, and you will probably work in positions where your knowledge will be paid for.


This is what we will certainly teach you!

With the economic trainings you can get a diverse knowledge that can be utilised in any segment of the market, and also in your everyday life. Our trainings will make you the economist, marketing expert, financial or business manager that you dreamed for yourself. Irrespective of whether you choose our vocational training programmes or bachelor programmes, perhaps master programmes, our teachers will let you learn the basics and tricks of the profession so that you can cope with any situation in the world.

You can work in public administration, the finance or banking sector, in the field of culture, for a non-for-profit organisation or a multinational corporation, but you will also have enough knowledge to start a business of your own.