Dr. Zoltán Gál

Dr. Zoltán Gál

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Zoltan Gal is a full professor in Finance at the Faculty of Economics & Business, at the University of Pécs, Hungary. He is the president of the Hungarian Regional Science Association, member of the European Regional Science Association Council (ERSAC)  and  regional ambassador of the Global Network of Financial Geography.  He was an invited expert at European Commission DG Research  and project manager of INTERREG, ESPON and in macro-financial  FP7 projects. He has been a senior researcher at the Center for Regional Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 1993, and since 2012 at the Center for Economic and Regional Research.  His research fields include regional finance, international finance, international economics, regional economics, financial geography, and regional innovation. He studied finance, economic history and economic geography at Queens University in Belfast and  holds dual MA degree from the Central European University (Budapest) &  New York State University (Albany) and PhD in Financial Geography.  He has been a visiting scholar at a number of prestigious universities including the University of Oxford, UK and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He is member of the editorial boards of international journals.


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