Corporate Relations

The aim of UPFBE is to learn about the real challenges and problems that are the foundations of a deep, high-quality professional teaching in the framework of the continuous interaction with the actors of the domestic and socio-economic environment.

During its „real problem based” research and education activity, UPFBE offers development opportunities regardless of profit orientation for its partners. Partners can access these opportunities through a diverse variety of activities in which they can work together with the professors, researchers, and students of UPFBE.

Based on the reciprocal cooperation, partners will have access to a highly qualified student body, they can get to know the business solutions of the 21st century and become part of the vibrant, inspirational innovative ecosystem.


Student relations and commitment

Partners can get in contact with UPFBE’s students through several opportunities during which they can get to know the qualities and values of the futute young experts. Furthermore, partners can also contribute to the development of the students through lectures, professional and semi-professions events that help the participants to gain mutual concerns and values.

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Innovation, knowledge

The human capacity and research results generated by the “real problem based” research and educational activity will be available for our partners in the desired form. Furthermore, we help our partners to develop their own innovation capacity through the integration of UPFBE’s eco-system.

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Vocational and adult education

We make our wide range of vocational and adult educational programmes available and even offer tailor-made training programs if needed to our partners. The courses can be hosted at a UPFBE’s facility of 21st century quality or at a preferred external location as well.

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Branding and sponsoring

Through the room, training, course and event branding we create an opportunity for our partners to effectively communicate and advertise their organizational goals and values and reach out to all stakeholders of higher education.

It is also possible to use the tools offered by our partners for joint research and educational purposes in order to create common values.

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Research and targeted solutions

We respond to the challenges of our partners through a high-quality research process. We provide insight into learning and inspiration, we also give an insight into our relevant research projects and their results.

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Economic development

UPFBE’s research and education activities immensly contribute to the development of the regional socio-economic environment. In order to achieve these development goals more effectively and rapidly, our Centers offer focused and in-depth solutions.

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