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Strengths and strategy

Academic excellence

The Faculty of Business and Economics is an international center of academic excellence. The members of the teaching staff have both practical experience and highly specialized knowledge in their respective research fields. The Faculty’s research potential is outstanding among national institutions.  It is involved in several national and international projects, it is a designated research center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) and two of our professors are full members of HAS. Charles Simonyi (the developer of MS Excel applications), Professor Peter Lorange (President of IMD, Lausanne and holder of the Nestlé Chair at that institution), Francis Aguilar, Professor at Harvard Business School or Gunter Pauli, world famous advocate of the blue economy concept are among the Honorary Doctors of the Faculty.

International relations – Opening the World

We focus on building and broadening our present range of partnerships with European and overseas universities. Our aim is to create a basis for teaching- and study exchange programs, internships and research. Beyond the regular exchange programs, we also cooperate with our partners by sharing innovative teaching methods.

Business and Community relations - Advancing your career

The Faculty believes that establishing extensive professional and academic networks is essential for successful operation. Accordingly, the Marketing and the International Offices are responsible for facilitating internal and external faculty relations, i.e.: building partnerships with national and international academic institutions for student, teaching, research and staff mobility, as well as establishing close and sustainable cooperation with prospective students, alumni and the business community.