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CareerSpot's free sessions are not only for UP FBE students, but also for PTE students, where participants can improve their efficiency and practical knowledge, which is the key to better succeed in the working world.

By attending a workshop, you can earn microcredits (1 workshop = 25 microcredits). It is important to note that the Soft Competences CareerSpot is an optional 3-credit course and requires the completion of 10 workshops, therefore microcredits can only be counted for workshops attended in addition to this.

How can you claim microcredits?

  • Register on the Openup platform if you have not already done so,
  • join the workshop event,
  • scan your QR code at the end of the workshop!

The microcredits earned will be aggregated and recorded in the Neptun study system at the end of the semester. In the aggregation, 100 microcredits earned will correspond to one credit to be entered in Neptun. It is not possible to enter a fraction of a credit.

It is worth keeping an eye on the faculty calendar and attending as many events as possible!