Megjelent Rekettye Gábor újabb könyve

2019. October 8. 09:39

Megjelent Dr. Rekettye Gábor professor emeritus új angol nyelvű kötete.

A 260 oldalas Value Creation 4.0 – Marketing Products in the 21st című alkotás Londonban, a Transnational Press gondozásában jelent meg, amelyhez ezúton is gratulálunk! A könyv az ügyfél-orientált tervezésre, termékek és szolgáltatások fejlesztésére és menedzselésére összpontosít és 14 fejezetben foglalkozik az értékteremtés kulcsfontosságú témáival.


"Value Creation 4.0 is a marketing guide to the age of the fourth industrial revolution (‘Industry 4.0’). The cyber age of Industry 4.0 represents radical changes in many industrial sectors, in value creation and customers’ value judgements. This title draws attention to the situation which poses new challenges and risks for the whole of humanity. The book takes an essentially practice-oriented approach. It does so even at the expense of theory. Researchers usually like to read deep theories, which appeared in scientific journals. The book intends to highlight the importance of the topic, define its conceptual framework and present its practical applications. The book is therefore primarily recommended for practitioners – product, brand and line managers, and so on. The topics of the book together with the supporting exhibits and cases – which also include international dimensions – provide information for them that can help increase their competitiveness. The book can also be very handy in higher education. Whole courses can be built on it, as the book comprises 4 parts and 14 chapters which can provide the basis for lectures. Each part is illustrated with cases, and some of the more than 30 exhibits could be used for the efficient processing of the material and for further reflection."

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