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Programme Voice Group Meeting

This is a forum – available only for BAM students -  where student voice leaders and staff meet to discuss the matters emerging on the BAM programme. This includes any issues but also deals with future developments and things that are going well. The PVG meeting also looks at student survey results and the reports from External Examiners. The membership of a PVG meeting includes:


  • Student voice leaders
  • Faculty leadership
  • Programme Director
  • Programme coordinator and other academic staff involved in the delivery of the programme and/or modules
  • Head of the Study Department
  • Head of the International Office
  • EFMD Coordinator
  • Representative of the Talent and Competence Development Spot
  • Support services representatives (if it is necessary)


The student voice leaders are elected by the end of week 2 at the beginning of every academic year to ensure that the interests of students on the programme are represented. They are also responsible for feeding back the outcomes of any meetings or events they attend. Student voice leaders will be selected, either by election or self-nomination.


Student Voice Leaders of the 2020/21 academic year:


BSc 1: Mirella Orovicza, Tamás Pálinkás, Berke Caliskan

BSc 2: Sára Majdik, Tamás Tymcsuk, Gupta Shalini

BABA 3: Viktoria Bernát, Vlada Gutu