Lecturers of the conference


Ásványi Zsófia was graduated from the Faculty of Humanities University of Pécs in 1999, after finishing the master programme on English language and literature. Still in this year she received her master degree in Human Resources Management. She graduated from the Faculty of Law University of Pécs in 2010 and received her PhD degree at the same Faculty in 2013. She has been working as an assistant University of Pécs since 2007 - and as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Business & Economics since 2015.



Assistant professor (senior lecturer) at University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics, Department of Leadership and Organizational Sciences. His teaching and research fields: human resource management (HRM), career and talent management, coaching, communication management. He is member of Cranet international network for global HRM survey. Since 2014 he works as a coordinator at TalentSpot of the Faculty in charge of student competence survey. He has a mentor certificate. He got PhD degree in 2014 at Doctoral School of Regional Policy and Economics in topic of talent management in higher education and circulation of talents in the world. He has been awarded by Ministry of Human Resources as an Excellent Talent Developer in 2016 and received Harsányi István PhD Award for Innovation in 2015. He was a scholar of the National Program of Excellence 2013-2014.



She is an associate professor of the Institute of Marketing and Tourism in the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs. Her courses are Marketing, Services Marketing, Online Marketing and E-Business. Her fields of research are community marketing, higher education marketing and talent development. She has been the head of the TalentSpot of the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs.



Andrea Bencsik is a university professor with 34 year experience as a lecturer and a researcher. She is a professor of Széchenyi István University and Selye János University (Komarno, Slovakia). She works as a professional consultant and trainer for several companies. She is a member of professional organisations and a member and reviewer of  editorial boards of Hungarian and foreign journals. She summarizes her scientific achievements  in her publications and books in Hungarian and in foreign languages, the themes of which are change and knowledge management, HR management and organizational behaviour. Her professional activity is acknowledged by professionals, students and her superiors. 



International Ph.D. Student In International Business, Doctoral School Of Business Administration, University of Pécs, Hungary



A member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) of United Kingdom and life-time member of Certified Public Accountants (CPA) of Mongolia. Financial accounting experience in United Kingdom and Mongolia. Most recently possess role as a financial auditor at Grant Thornton Mongolia. The specialty in project auditing, including the projects funded by the World Bank, UNDP, SDC, Asia Foundation, World Vision, etc. I had the privilege to become a Visiting Lecturer at Mongolian Institute of CPA and University of Finance and Economics, Mongolia.


DAJNOKI Krisztina

She is a director of the Institute of Management and Organization Sciences in the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Debrecen, head of the Scientific Students' Association of the faculty, the secretary and a lecturer of Károly Ihrig Doctoral Program of Management and Business and the consultant of four PhD students. Her field of research is some functions and development of human resources  management including the practice of Equal Opportunies' Human Resource Management focusing on the HR specialities of people with disabilities or reduced work capacity.


FARAGÓ Beatrix

As a lecturer of the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences at Széchenyi István University and a PhD student of the Doctoral School of Regional and Economic Sciences, and a former top-level athlete I set an objective of investigating former top-level athletes’career after finishing their professional sports activities. As a lecturer and researcher I investigate the social relations of sport and athletes with a focus on the efficient elements of social capital. In relations to the context of athletes‘ competencies and human capital I research the competitiveness of companies and the regional development of their environment.


FŰRÉSZ Diána Ivett

In 2016 I got my MSc degree in Management and Organization at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs. Now I am a second year PhD student. My field of research is sports economics including the processes of value creation in sports enterprises.  My PhD consultant is Professor Gábor Rappai. I have made presentations in one international and three Hungarian conferences and I have six publications (MTMT). 


HETESI Erzsébet

Erzsébet Hetesi is a university professor and the head of the Institute of Business Studies in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Szeged. She took a degree in Economics, majored in Commerce at the University of Pécs, then accomplished her university studies at Károly Marx University of Economics. She defended her PhD thesis at the University of  Pécs in 2001 and habilitated here in 2011. She has been a lecturer in institutions of higher education since 1979 and she is an author of several publications in Hungary and abroad. She was the dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Szeged between 2005 and 2011.



She is a PhD student of Károly Ihrig Doctoral Program of Management and Business at the University of Debrecen. She is a graduate assistant of the Scientific Students' Association of the faculty. Her field of research is HR functions including talent management and the possibilities for creating employee experience.



Maria is an active visiting scholar and conference participant. Her research interests focus on Knowledge Management, Employee Engagement, Action Research, Appreciative Inquiry, and Organization Development. Her research papers have been published in journals such as Journal of Knowledge Management, International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital, Journal of The Learning Organization, Review of Innovation and Competitiveness - A Journal of Economic and Social Research, Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. Maria has two PhDs (1984 Hungary; 2011 Finland).



I graduated in agricultural engineering in 1994 and teaching of agricultural engineering in 1995. In 2004 I defended my PhD thesis entitled Investigating Possibilities of Motivation in Food Economy. In 2011 I habilitated successfully in Motivation and Performance Management. I have lectured in the Faculty of Economics and Business and its predecessors at the University of Debrecen since 1997. I have been an associate professor in the Department of Organization and Communication, Institute of Management and Organization Sciences since 2012. I carry on research work in motivation, expectations and performance management.  



Her professional career has had close ties with the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs for four decades. She took her academic degrees here and motivated several students to start their careers in organization and management and human resource management. She has contributed to the prestige of HR profession in Hungary with the dissemination of knowledge based on empirical surveys and publishing series of professional books and dozens of professional articles. It has also enhanced the reputation of the research team of the Institute of Leadership and Management.


VITAI Zsuzsanna

She has worked at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs since 1991. She has taught management courses in English since 1997. Her fields of research are co-operative theory, organization theory, organization behavior, human resources management.



Certified  economist, Károly Marx University of Economics (1977), Research fellow, KOPINT (1977-1983), IIASA, Laxenburg, Ausztria (1983-1987), Director of Statistics and Analysis, KOPINT-DATORG (1988-1989), Director of Informatics, KOPINT-DATORG (1989-1990), Senior manager, Arthur Andersen, Andersen Consulting (1990-1992), Director of Development, HiCare Kft (1993-1994), President and Chief Executive Officer, AAM Consulting Zrt (1994-). Head of Department of Management Consulting (2001-2015). President of VTMSz (Association of Management Consultants in Hungary) (1999-2000, 2008-2009).



I have worked as a journalist since 1991. I managed local media, private television and radio for more than twenty years. Mainly it meant the responsibility of editor-in-chief, and organizing and moderating political programs. Kerko-Média Kft is my own business, which provides business communication and video content services. I have been a lecturer teaching courses in media and communication management in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Pécs since 2003. I have been a fulltime lecturer since 2011. I got my PhD degree at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of UP. I have been a member of the Research Network in Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2017.


Kristian KREMER

PhD candidate in Business Administration / University of Pécs

Master of Science in Human Resource Management / IBS Budapest

Bachelor of Arts in Business Psychology / Business School, Cologne


Stephan KÜHNEL

Professor of Accountancy

Hochschule Fresenius · Department Business & Media · Munich/Germany



Professional information: Gyula László has taught at the University of Pécs since 1970. Habilitated professor, CSc, professor emeritus. The focus of his research is on labour market, employment policy, employment relations (theoretical and practical issues of labour interest reconciliation), and human resource managment. He was vice dean of the Faculty for two terms, leading the reforms in the academic programs. The regional and local employment policy and traning strategy were prepared under his supervision during multiple terms.


NÉMETH Gergely

As an organisational psychologist he focuses on economic psychology and organisational development. Besides his work as a management consultant he is a researcher and tutor at the university.  The topic of his doctoral dissertation is the growth crisis of SMEs and patterns of entrepreneurial thinking. In 2010 he was awarded with the ’Excellent Consultant of the Year’ prize. He is a board member of the Consultancy Department at the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, head of  Labour and Organisational Psychology Section of the Hungarian Psychological Association and  as a member of the Ethics Committee of the Hungarian Management Consultants’ Association he plays an active role in the development of the profession.


NOSZKAY Erzsébet

Dr. habil Erzsébet Noszkay has played an active role in the field of management consultancy and its training (ICMCI Academic Fellow, head of Management and Consulting Centre at the Budapest Metropolitan University, head of Executive MBA for Turnaround Management program). Her field of research and courses taught: SME growth, development and revival, Change management, Crisis management, Business consulting and its methods, Innovation and knowledge management, Management and organisational theory, Leadership awareness and intelligent development methodology, Family Business (FB)

Her professional activity includes several books and publications, moreover the PALWONS - method, MI- Business, NOB- method, O&TUMEN method, and the FABU method.



Nóra Obermayer is an associate professor, a program leader in the Faculty of Business at Pannon University. She earned her PhD in Business and Management Studies in 2008 and was also awarded the „Elsevier Scopus Young Researcher” prize. She is a member of numerous Hungarian and international research groups, a member of Public Body of Hungarian Academy of Sciences participating in the work of the Business Committee. She has been a visiting lecturer with Erasmus grant at Fontys University, Eindhoven; and the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi. In 2017 she won the scholarship of the „New National Excelllence Program.” She regularly publishes and lectures in Hungarian and international conferences. Her fields of research are Knowledge Management, Social Media and Artificial Intelligence.



Anita Pierog received her doctorate with her PhD thesis entitled The Analysis of Management Tasks in NGOs. She has been a lecturer in the Institute of Management in the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Debrecen. She runs courses in Management, Oragnisational Behaviour and Communication. Her area of research includes generation differences, expectation analysis, satisfaction and motivation to learn. 


Sakti Hendra PRAMUDYA

Mr. Pramudya received Master of Management in Marketing from Universitas Indonesia and currently, he is pursuing his Doctoral degree at the Faculty of Business and Economics, the University of Pécs since September 2017. Mr. Pramudya previously worked as the manager of banking clearing system in Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia. He has a strong enthusiasm for family business research especially in the intergenerational succession strategies and the growth of a family business besides organizational related research and marketing research.



Máté Repisky is a first year PhD student at the Institute of Business Studies, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Szeged. His works in Economic Psychology won the first prize in the Business and economics section of the National Scientific Students' Associations Conference both in 2015 and in 2017. His current field of research is the entrepreneurial failure processing, including failure retardation, grief, learning from failure, career choice after failure, entrepreneurial characteristics and external factors influencing this process. Besides he participates in a research group examining the motivation of social entrepreneurs.



Dr. Gábor Rekettye is Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs, where he was a dean from 1993 to 1996 and the head of the Marketing Department for 16 years. He is Titular Professor at the University of Szeged. He is a certified economist and worked for industrial companies, in foreign trade,  foreign trade diplomacy and in higher education. He is a CSc habilitated doctor, and became Doctor of Science (DSc) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2003. He has authored many books and textbooks, along with more than 300 scientific publications.



University Of Pécs, Faculty of Business Administration, Business English Translator degree

Study Abroad at State University of New York, Oswego College, USA, and at Karls Eberhardt Universität, Tübingen, Germany

Regional Policy and Economy PhD School 2001 -

Tax advisor degree 2006- 2007, Certified accountant 2013 - 2015

Work Experience:

  • University of Pécs head of strategic unit, Rector’s Office
  • deputy CFO for major investments 2011-2015
  • general manager: Pécs2010 Zsolnay Heritage Management Ltd.2008-2011
  • Ernst and Young Ltd Tax manager 2004-2007
  • Ministry of Finance and EU Comm. 2000-2004



Chris’s research and publications focus on how institutions are learning from whistleblower claims, working to become better, safer places for their stakeholders.  As CFO of a College and Chair of state committees on college governance, Chris has had a long interest in improving the governance of our organisations.  Chris has helped guide companies big and small through technology, operational, and financial challenges.   Chris is a Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Management Accountant, and board member of the Institute of Management Accountants - Germany.



Dr. Roland Schmuck is assistant professor at University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics, Hungary. He works at the faculty since 2008. Currently he teaches both in BA and master level programmes in Hungarian and English languages. He researches in strategic management, business simulations, quality assurance and business consulting. He received his PhD title for a research of online business models. He uses an innovative way of teaching using strategic management simulation games. He participated in many international conferences and he was visiting scholar at several institutions.


SIPOS Norbert

Norbert Sipos graduated in 2009 in Economist, Management and Consulting, at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics. From 2009 to 2012 he continued his studies, participating at the doctorate program, becoming a doctoral candidate in 2015, afterward in 2018 defended his thesis titled ‘Graduate Career Tracking practices in Hungary and abroad – Comparison of the Graduate Career Tracking System and the Administrative Databases Integration’.

From 2011 to 2015 he worked as an assistant lecturer at the Eötvös József College, Baja, teaching mainly management and accounting. In 2015 he became an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Business and Economics, main lectures: management, leadership, labour-market. Since 2017 is responsible for the Graduate Career Tracking System of the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Main research interests:

  • Graduate Career Tracking System and Administrative Databases Integration
  • Labor-market tendencies
  • EU migration and its consequences
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Since 2009 he is an active tender, feasibility study, business plan writer and organizer of several national events. From 2009 he was a presidency member of the Alumni of Pécs Graduated Students of Advanced Studies since 2012 he is the president.



Brigitta Szabó-Bálint is assistant professor at the Management Institute of the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs. Her field of research is Human Resource Management, focusing on Career Management. She is also interested in emplyer brand research. Courses taught by her are in the field of Management studies (career, cultural, and knowledge management and project management).


SZEINER Zsuzsanna

PhD student at the University of Selye János in Slovakia. Her research field is: "Management consultancy in the public sector". Previously, from 2012 to 2016 she was carrying out research on employee compensation systems and benefit practices in Slovakia and Hungary. She publishes her findings in scientific journals and international scientific conferences. In the professional life, she provides external consultancy services for local governments  and collects the results achieved to support the local governments in the South Slovakian region.



After acquirung many years of professional experience Margit became assistant lecturer at the Institute of Business Studies, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Szeged,  and she is also a third year PhD student at the Doctoral School of Economics also at the University of Szeged. The topic of her PhD disseratation is the strategic adaptation of organisations in the B2B context.



Csaba Titkos is an associate professor with habilitation in the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs. He is an economist, a sociologist, a trainer of T-team, a conductor of psychodrama, a trained coach and studied integrative psychotherapy. He has been a lecturer of the University of Pécs since 1982, and an associate professor since 2001. He defended his PhD thesis at the University of Pécs in 2000, and habilitated in 2015. He lectured in various faculties of the university. He works as a trainer in institutions of higher education and in business environment as well. He conducts self-knowledge and psychodrama teams. His fields of interest are human behaviour, team work, competences development and therapy.


TOPÁR József

József Topár is honorary associate professor of the Department of Management and Business Economics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He is a certified mechanical engineer, Dr. univ.. He has been lecturing at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics since 1974. Since his retirement in March 2015 he has still played an active role in the department’s research and teaching. He has been involved in the issues of quality management since the end of the 1980s. His research concentrates on the domestic application and further development of quality management systems and Total Quality Management.


TORMA Kálmán

Kálmán Torma is an organisational psychologist, management and organisational development consultant. He is senior consultant at TMT Consulting. 


TÓTH Janka

Janka Tóth is a first year student at the Doctoral School of Economics at the University of Szeged. She began her doctoral studies in 2017. Her field of research is connected to social entreprises, especially regarding their influence on disadvantaged social groups and the tension the operation of such entreprises create.


Hüseyin Serkan TÜRKAN

Business Administration PhD Student University of Pécs



Márton Vilmányi is an associate professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Szeged. His field of research is the management of cooperation between organisations, focusing on its aspects in strategic management and realtionship marketing. He acquired experience in the analysis of cooperation between business and non-business organisations, especially regarding the performance and quality of cooperations, the static and dynamic aspects of the ability for cooperation and the dynamics of cooperations.


Ahmet Murat YETKIN

I have been studying for my Ph.D. at University of Pécs since 2015. My thesis entitled “The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Turkey”. I hold a Capital Market Activities Advanced Level License, Derivative Instruments License, Corporate Governance Rating License and Credit Rating License obtained from Capital Markets Board of Turkey. I have project management, operations management, business development, and sales experience, working at IBM for nearly four years, successfully completed IBM Global Sales School and IBM Software Top Gun training.