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Exam regulation and policy on cheating

  1. Please remember you cannot participate an examination without Neptun registration.
  2. It may happen that your professor asks you to identify yourself before the examination. Therefore please be prepared and have your ID card or passport with you.
  3. Please leave your belongings (coat, bag) far from your desk either in the cloakroom or in the classroom.
  4. Please remember you are not allowed to use your phone (laptop, tablet) during the examination. Your phone or other electronic devices (including smart watches) cannot be near to you during the examination.
  5. You can have the following things with you during the examination: pen(s), pencil(s), drink, calculator and if it is allowed - stated on the coversheet of the exampaper: book, vocabulary or other notes.
  6. Please remember, you are not allowed to separate either the question or the answer sheet.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to share any information by any mean during the examination.
  8. It is not possible to leave the classroom/auditorium during the examination.
  9. If a student is caught on cheating his/her work done until that point will be considered invalid. Furthermore the issue will be recorded on the coversheet of the examination by the professor.


Different behaviour will result in an official, ethical procedure.