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Students with the intention of earning the degree from the University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics must take part in a semester (12 weeks without interruption) long placement. Placements are organized by the Faculty. This implies that the time length of the education for these students is 7 semesters. 


Attendance requirements

  1. Students are required to attend all scheduled classes and prescribed activities for the programme on which they are enrolled.
  2. Maximum rate of absence in case of every module is 25%. Student with higher rate of absence will not be allowed to take part on the final examination.
  3. Students must make themselves available at all times to attend for viva voce examinations at times when, given the structure of the course they are taking, they may reasonably be expected to be available
  4. Students must notify their academic tutor or other tutor in advance if they cannot attend any compulsory class, lecture etc. The academic tutor has the discretion to decide how the student should compensate for work not done in the classroom if it is needed.
  5. They must inform the tutor of any illness which is affecting their attendance and supply a medical certificate if they are absent for more than one week.
  6. Students must notify the Study Department in writing if they are withdrawing from a course.
  7. Any period of absence over 28 days for whatever reason shall be reported to the Programme leader.
  8. All withdrawals, including those where students have failed to reply to letters under paragraph 5 above should be notified immediately to the Dean of the Faculty on the appropriate form. Refund of fees, where applicable, will be at the discretion of the Dean as specified in the Financial Regulations of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs.
  9. Where a student withdraws before the end of a given semester the last day of attendance should be noted as the last date of recorded attendance, if known. Otherwise it should be given as the date on the letter from the Programme Leader requesting an explanation of absence (see paragraph 5 above). Where a student withdraws at the end of a given semester the date should be noted as the last day of that semester.

Students, who fail to register for the programme after four weeks of starting the programme, without any good cause, will be considered to have passive student status in the particular semester or non-enrolled if they were freshmen. In this case only determined amount of the fees is possible to be refunded.