LeasePlan concept testing

2022. April 25. 20:10
elektromos autó

Our qualitative research project focused on the use of electric cars.


Research topic

Daikin planned to introduce electric company cars (to increase e-mobility). In order to find the ideal parameters and conditions for the introduction among the company employees, we conducted a research in cooperation with the feat. agency, exploring the employees’ attitudes, experiences and beliefs. The initial hypothesis is that there are many misconceptions and prejudices about electric cars.


Research questions

  • What is the general attitude of the target group towards environmental awareness?
  • How do workers feel about the use of electric cars? What advantages and disadvantages of it do they see?
  • What do they think about the electric transport tools currently available and what do they expect from them in the future

Applied methodology

To answer the research questions, focus group interviews were conducted, the first wave of which had been finished before the service was launched, and we joined after the testing. Our conclusions were drawn by comparing the two conditions.