András Gyimesi

András Gyimesi

Assistant Professor
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B 115
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András Gyimesi began his studies in 2011 at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics. He first obtained a bachelor's degree in applied economics and then a master's degree in economic analysis. Between 2017 and 2021 he attended the Regional Policy and Economics Doctoral School. During this period, he participated in a research group on sports economics, in consequence his doctoral thesis is about the economic analysis of sports leagues. Currently he is a member of the EconNet research group, and the Economic data analysis group. Since the fall of 2021, he has been working as an assistant lecturer at the institution, teaching mainly probability and statistics, and statistical modelling.


Gyimesi A. – Kehl D. (2021): Relative age effect on the market value of elite European football players: a balanced sample approach. European Sport Management Quarterly, 1-17.

Gyimesi A. (2020): League ranking mobility affects attendance: Evidence from European soccer leagues. Journal of Sports Economics, 21(8), 808–828.

Abaligeti G. – Gyimesi A. – Kehl D. (2020). Adatforrások használata R-ben. Statisztikai Szemle, 98(7), 858-884.

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