Dr. Dániel Kehl

Dr. Dániel Kehl

Associate Professor
kehld [at] ktk.pte.hu
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Dániel Kehl graduated in 2005 at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics where he earned his PhD in 2012 and habilitation in 2022. He is an associate professor of the Department of Economics and Econometrics and is responsible for the course ’Probability and Statistics’ in both Hungarian and English at the bachelor level. At the doctoral level he teaches data related courses. He is a contributor of a wide range of academic and business research projects. His main interests are applied statistics, data cleansing, data processing, pattern identification, truncation bias and data visualisation. He is also an R enthusiast, and an active member of the Hungarian R community.


SZERB László; ÁCS Zoltán J.; RAPPAI Gábor; KEHL Dániel (2023):
Building Composite Indicators for Policy Optimization Purposes; In: Szerb; Lafuente; Acs (EDS.) THE ENTREPRENEURIAL ECOSYSTEM: A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE; Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, Cham

GYIMESI András; KEHL Dániel (2023):
Relative age effect on the market value of elite European football players: a balanced sample approach; EUROPEAN SPORT MANAGEMENT QUARTERLY

ERDŐS Katalin; BACZUR Roland; KEHL Dániel; FARKAS Richárd (2022):
When post-merger price effect becomes smoothed over time: A case of a gasoline market merger; ENERGY ECONOMICS

VÖRÖS Zsófia; KEHL Dániel; ROUET Jean-Francois (2021):
Task Characteristics as Source of Difficulty and Moderators of the Effect of Time-on-Task in Digital Problem-Solving; JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL COMPUTING RESEARCH

VÖRÖS Zsófia; SZABÓ Zoltán; KEHL Dániel; KOVÁCS Olivér Béla; PAPP Tamás; SCHEPP Zoltán (2021):
The forms of financial literacy overconfidence and their role in financial well-being; INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONSUMER STUDIES

KEHL Dániel (2021):
Valószínűségszámítás és statisztika; PTE KTK

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