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Corporate Week - 2. day



Please, note that the programme is subject to change.


November 5, 2019 (Tuesday)


11:00-12:30 - How to launch a company and how to position a poorly performing company with high growth potential?

Viktor is an experienced investor and entrepreneur in the e-commerce theme. Viktor will talk about how to launch a company and also on how to position a poorly performing company with high growth potential in a new, more sustainable growth track. Viktor has successfully built one of the first Hungarian eBay company called Vatera in the emerging face of this market segment.

Guest: Viktor Gerő

Room: Hatchery


15:00-16:30 - Young Leaders Forum

To this event, the question of who is responsible for career development within the organization remains a controversial issue. Due to the changed employer-employee relationship, it is often observed that organizations tend to withdraw from this process. They are not necessarily partners in managing their employees' careers, only few of them actively practice it. Even if there is any career development activity within the organization, the responsibilities of the individual and the organizational side are often unclear.

Room: B323/1