Since its foundation in 1970 the Faculty of Business and Economics University of Pécs has become a significant actor in Hungarian business education. Meanwhile the faculty has been able to develop its international recognition in education and in research as well. The Faculty has also gradually built up an efficiently operating, strong center of excellence open to innovation.

We provide an education of true quality, which ensures that our graduates are well equipped to meet the challenges of a highly professional and specialized international labor market. Keeping the “act locally” principle in focus, we design our programs to respond to fundamental social and regional needs. In order to reach our goals, we explicit assessment of the market perspectives, futher and targeted expansion of our already developing corporate relations and deeper integration of the specific aspects derived from the market absorbing our graduets into the curriculum. 

Our institutional efforts carried out in the field of higher education are not restricted to national level. On the contrary, internationalization is one of the current strategic goals of the Faculty of Business and Economics. Our vision is to build a higher education institution that attracts a great number of talented international students from all over the world by providing high quality business education. We are committed to keep or even raise the educational standards on campus and acquire an international accreditation as a worldwide-recognized symbol of top quality education. Our EFMD membership is just the first step on the way to making this vision come true. The recently planned infrastructural and educational developments together with on-campus actions devoted to the idea of “internationalization at home” are all serving the purpose to create a vivid, and widely visible international campus that is embedded into the network of top quality international business schools and professional corporations.