Department of Marketing and Tourism

Director: Dr. Krisztián Szűcs

The foundation of the Pécs Marketing Workshop coincided with the launch of the Faculty of Business and Economics in 1970; marketing-themed education has been an organic part of the Faculty’s programme portfolio since the beginning. 
The Department of Marketing and Tourism, as a single community and organisational unit, integrates several diverse but multiply interrelated academic disciplines. The staff of our department do their best to actively participate in the research of the current issues of marketing and tourism at the highest possible level, the transfer of the knowledge generated, the development of the skills of the disciplines, and the adaptation of the achievements in practice. We want to be a workshop that is active in the life of the Hungarian academic community, besides making a bridge between practice and theory, and in the world of education. Our objective is to offer outstanding teaching experience to our students, to be the professional background and the Alma Mater for the unfurling of their career. 
In the Department of Marketing and Tourism, the teaching of marketing, now with considerable traditions, takes place at each programme level: higher level vocational training, bachelor and master level. In the English language bachelor programme of our Faculty, which has been possessing an EFMD accreditation, and also in the PhD programmes in Hungarian and English language, subjects related to marketing are taught by the staff of the department. Our goal, besides the improvement of the quality of the teaching of marketing, is the strengthening of tourism, as a new competency area, by the utilisation of the possible synergies. Tourism is a popular bachelor level programme area both in our Hungarian and the accredited English language programme, and we are working, by launching a master level programme of tourism in the near future, on offering a path for young talents who wish to have an academic career in the field of tourism. 
The teaching and research activities of our Department are done by three professors, three associate professors and six senior lecturers, as well as our PhD students. We are proud of our school-founding past and ancestors, our active professors who are experienced and recognised all over Hungary, and also of our young researchers and lecturers who are strong pillars in the development of the Department. 
The colleagues of the Department possess important positions at the university and in the public, making a significant contribution to the development of academic life in both the Faculty and the respective disciplines, and to the achievement of up-to-date educational and research results.