Final Examination – Thesis Defence

In order to acquire the Hungarian diploma the student is required to complete the final examination. The final examination consists of the preparation and arrangement of the thesis, viva voce and written examinations stipulated in the qualification requirements.


Defence procedure

Please see thesis defence regulation here: Regulation of Final Examinations
In order to be able to participate the defence (final examination) you have to conduct a Neptun registration – guidance to be found here

  1. Students get informed about the exact schedule of the defence two weeks before the event. The schedule will be visible in Neptun Administration / Final exams menupoint.
  2. The defence consists of two parts:
  3. The defence is about 20 minutes long per student: 10 minutes presentation + 10 minutes defence.
  4. If the thesis is confident then only the supervisor, the committee and the student can be present at the defence.
  5. The result of the defence and the degree certificate(s) is calculated according to the schemes below.
  6. The announcement of the results happens after all students finished their defence.


Calculation of the Grade of the Defence

The result of the defence and the diploma is calculated according to the calculation scheme below:

Grade of the Defence = [(0.2*Review 1 + 0.2*Review 2 + 0.6*Defence); rounded to two decimal places]


Qualification of the Certificate

(2* Weighted grand average of all results + Grade of the Defence) / 3


UP Faculty of Business and Economics Certificate

After successfully completing the final examination, a Certificate (Degree) in Business Administration or in Tourism and Catering is issued by the UPFBE. The qualification of the Certificate (Degree) in Business Administration or in Tourism and Catering is determined as the weighted average mark of all credited courses, the thesis and the final examination.

The qualification of the Certificate (Degree) is based on the average mark as follows:

5.00 Outstanding
4.51 - 4.99 Excellent
3.51 - 4.50 Good
2.51 - 3.50 Satisfactory
1.51 - 2.50 Pass

Middlesex University Certificate

If you paid the registration fee at the beginning of your studies your will also receive the Middlesex University certificate.  It will include the words “in collaboration with the University of Pécs”. The Assessment Board determines the classification of your Middlesex certificate (degree) according to the following scheme:

  • 4.51-5.00 > First Class Honours
  • 4.00-4.50 > Second Upper Class Honours
  • 3.51-3.99 > Second Lower Class Honours
  • 2.00-3.50 > Third Class Honours


The following results are taken into account in determining your MDX degree qualification:

Weighted grand average of all semesters.


Your certificate will be sent to UPFBE by Middlesex University within 4 months of the date the qualification is awarded (usually the Assessment Board date). Once it has arrived it can be taken over in the Study Department or later at the Graduation Ceremony together with your UPFBE degree.