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BSB Winter School 2022

2021. November 25. 09:12

Burgundy School of Business (BSB) holds an innovative workshop programme that welcomes open-minded international students.

The programme has a strong focus on personal development and soft skills. It aims to stimulate people-centred leadership based on students’ awareness of their personal strengths, morals, and unique qualities.


Registration fee:

  • €80

 Tuition fee: 

  • Students from partner universities: €250
  • Students with tuition waver: €0
  • Other students: €400

Download the full brochure here.


Sneak peak of the programme

The workshop concept combines modern learning methods such as experimental learning, problem-based learning, elements of personal development and a number of creativity techniques.

It is built on three learning pillars, which are stimulated every day: Authenticity, Leadership, and Creativity. The programme allows students to develop their personal leadership potential and better access their creative potential in their professional and personal life.


Learning objectives of the programme:

  • Being aware of personal leadership qualities
  • Learning to be both an authentic and people-centred leader
  • Understanding and acting on psychological needs in communication using preferred communication channels and perceptions
  • Understanding the true nature of a problem and its context
  • Knowing how to select and apply several creativity techniques
  • Learning to think visually and seek feedback for ideas

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