Interview with Murtaza Mohiqi, Assistant Professor

2024. April 16. 09:40

Murtaza Mohiqi (Assistant Professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway, USN) has visited our school as part of the International Teaching Week, and we had the chance ask him a few questions about this unique event!  

Is this your first time attending or have you participated in this event before?  

It's my first time, and it was beyond my expectations.  The students were really engaged with my topic, and we had great conversations, exchanging ideas.    

What is your favourite thing about this event so far?  

I've really enjoyed teaching and chatting with the students. The event is super well-organized, with a handy coffee shop and plenty of great people to meet. Plus, the classes are all set up nicely. 

Why did you choose this exact event to come to? What caught your interest?  

As a human rights defender and lawyer, I engage with the topic of the event regularly. Working with AI and human rights presents a unique opportunity for me to exchange ideas and build connections, which I find valuable. 

What will you talk about? What’s going to be the topic of your class?  

During the teaching week, I had the opportunity to contribute to the "Theory and Practice of Innovation" master course by delivering sessions on "Interdisciplinary Strategies for Digital Inclusive Innovation among Marginalized Communities." 

It was amazing! I had almost 30 students who were all so motivated. We engaged with many discussions, also we had some case studies that we solved together. I asked students to write down their opinions. So many new ideas that I can bring back to my research group in Norway.  

What do you think of our city, Pécs?   

When I first arrived here, I was impressed. I saw lots of good things, like very lively nights, kind and very helpful people. I really appreciate that. I also like that the university is in such a good location, very close to the city centre.  We also had a city tour where we got to know the attractions of the city. We learned a lot about the history and culture of the people.