Visiting Faculty Programme

Visiting Faculty Programme

We introduced the Visiting Faculty Programme (VFP) in 2022 in which we are able to receive foreign professors for short and long-term mobility.

Teaching solutions

  • Keeping guest lectures
  • Holding a joint course in cooperation with a UPFBE colleague
  • Holding an independent course: Instead of the colleague (due to the TÉR (Performance Evaluation System) agreement and mutual learning, he also participates in the class) or announcing a new C, B2 course.

Visiting Lecturer

Source of financing:
International Office budget / Erasmus  / Sending Institution / Own budget

The Director of Internationalisation

Financed activities:
Accommodation transfer (Budapest-Pécs-Budapest)

Application method:
Incoming inquiry / Partner institution application

Max. 1 month in Pécs

Activity type:
Teaching / Research


Offline / Online

Expected activity:
8 hours
International Teaching Week participation OR
Holding one research seminar (lecture) in which presentation of the research topic or some methodological approach - the target audience is lecturers and PhD students


  1. Initial steps: inbound and outbound contact, category negotiation and identification (period, target group, institution, country). Responsible: International Office
  2. Security check: The International Office sends it to the PTE University Security Department (if it has not already been done at UPFBE)
  3. Organisation of education: The International Office, together with the International Accreditation Coordinator, notifies the Director of Institution, Programme Leader and the Vice-Dean of Educational Affairs. After the decision, the director of the institute consults with the UPFBE institute lecturers, and the International Office connects the incoming and receiving lecturers.
  4. Implementation: conclusion of a contract (Memorandum of Understanding, Exchange Agreement, Etc.), organization of the established support form, management of administration. Responsible: International Office


Please note

The VFP programme includes three kinds of academic mobility:

  1. Visiting Lecturer,
  2. Visiting Scholar,
  3. Visiting Professor,

but this application surface only focuses on the first option since the other academic mobilities are only available in a frame of invitation.