Visiting Professor Programme

Visiting Professor Programme framework

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to introduce the new Visiting Professor Program in which we are able to receive foreign professors for short and long-term mobility.

The programme was created according to the School's strategy and the European Foundation for Management Development requirements.


Visiting Professor Programme types

Teaching solutions

  • Keeping guest lectures
  • Holding a joint course in cooperation with a UPFBE colleague
  • Holding an independent course: Instead of the colleague (due to the TÉR (Performance Evaluation System) agreement and mutual learning, he also participates in the class) or announcing a new C, B2 course.


  1. Initial steps: inbound and outbound contact, category negotiation and identification (period, target group, institution, country). Responsible: International Office
  2. Security check: The International Office sends it to the PTE University Security Department (if it has not already been done at UPFBE)
  3. Organisation of education: The International Office, together with the International Accreditation Coordinator, notifies the Director of Institution, Programme Leader and the Vice-Dean of Educational Affairs. After the decision, the director of the institute consults with the UPFBE institute lecturers, and the International Office connects the incoming and receiving lecturers.
  4. Implementation: conclusion of a contract (Memorandum of Understanding, Exchange Agreement, Etc.), organization of the established support form, management of administration. Responsible: International Office