Szigma is the periodical of the Society for Economic Modelling, a Hungarian language periodical with several decades of traditions. It was professor Béla Martos who launched the periodical in 1970. The journal, issued four times a year, reports on economics researches which, also using quantitative methods, search for correlations and laws between phenomena of public and business economics. The internationally acknowledged results of professor Béla Martos, his research experiences, his respect for science and twenty years of painstaking editorial activity created an excellent foundation for the birth of a workshop the issued publications of which put the periodical into the forefront of the economics studies. Szigma has by now become one of the most significant Hungarian representatives of economic sciences, and the descendants now have the responsibility of cherishing this tradition and assisting further development as much as possible.

Editor-in-chief: István Bessenyei

Official language of the periodical: Hungarian