Instructions for Authors

Instructions for Authors
The Hungarian Journal of Marketing and Management


When submitting papers for publication please take the following requirements into consideration: 

1. The length of the article should be between 27 thousand and 36 thousand characters (with spaces, including literature, tables, graphes, appendixes etc.) that mean approximately 15-20 typewritten pages. At the beginning of the article please write a 250-300 words long abstract that contains the aims of the paper, the methodology, the most important results and recommendations (the four aspects of the articles explicitly displayed). In addition, to the abstract please provide 3-5 keywords. 

2. The text should have 2,5 cm margins, Times New Roman CE letter size 12, 1,5 line-space, A/4 size and should be prepared in any version of MS WORD. We could not accept texts in other formats for instance pdf. Unless bold and italic letters please do not use other means of formatting! The articles should be sent to the e-mail address: mm [at] 

3. Charts and graphs should be appropriately formatted and sent in separate files or pages (if it is necessary in .zip format). Please supply them with numbering and title and indicate their approximate place in the text. To avoid unnecessary long articles, we recommend to use at most 3-4 graphs per article. In case of diagrams please send us the original Excel where the raw data and the graph are available; by other illustrations (for instance pictures) we require .jpg files in good resolution. The sources should be listed below the charts and graphs even if they are own editions. 

4. Every reference should be listed by author and dates indicated in brackets, for example: (Kotler 2002). When using accurate citations the marking of pages is also necessary, for instance (Kotler 2002, 88) or (Kotler 2002, 88–91). In case of more than two authors please use the et al formula after the family name of the first author (Baker et al, 1986). References should get into the text in the above mentioned version and not as footnotes. Every applied text should appear in the References list, and only the referenced literature should be in the list.

5. Notes should be numbered and placed at the end of the text, before references. Notes should contain only the complements of the text and do not serve as graph explanations or references. Nevertheless we ask authors to avoid the use of notes. 

6. The journal articles are provided with DOI. Therefore, we ask the authors to give the DOI of each item in the References. We recommend the website of Crossref to verify the existence of DOI.

7. References should be adjusted to the following ground-forms:
Books: Author (year of publishing), Title, Place of publishing: Publisher 
Journal article: Author(s) (year of publishing), „Title”, Name of the journal, Volume Issue, beginning and ending pages of the article 
Articles in edited collections: Author(s) (year of publishing), „Title”, Names of editors (ed(s) or Hrsg.), Title of the collection, Place of publishing: Publisher, beginning and ending pages of the referred text 

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11th March of 2019

Editorial team of The Hungarian Journal of Marketing and Management