The application procedure in a nutshell

•    We confirm the receipt of application materials via e-mail.
•    The Assessment Board reviews and evaluates every application and makes a decision within 15 working days after receiving the application fee.
•    Every applicant is informed of the decision of the Assessment Board immediately via e-mail.
•    If the applicant meets the requirements and is informed of her/his acceptance s/he must then pay the tuition fee and send us the payment receipt.
•    After receiving the tuition fee, the applicant will be provided with an official Acceptance letter with which s/he can contact the Hungarian Embassy and apply for a Visa.
Arrival: Last week of August
Orientation day: First week of September

Important notice! UPFBE accepts only full documentation packages. Please always check whether you have uploaded every required document. If you have to wait for a final certificate/degree document until a date later then the application deadline, please upload a signed statement giving the date when you will be able to provide the official certificate. In any other case incomplete applications receive formal rejection.    

The Faculty applies the following admission procedure for foreign nationals applying for foreign language bachelor training programs:
(1) This admission procedure applies to all applicants who do not have Hungarian citizenship or Hungarian dual citizenship, regardless of whether they have applied for a scholarship program or a private placement at the Faculty.

(2) The applicant must be 18 years of age or older by the day before the start of the Bachelor's program.

(3) Documents to be submitted with the application are:

  • a valid passport;
  • a MA/MSc certificate and a certified translation into English, which entitles the applicant to enter into a doctoral program in the applicant’s home country;
  • an official transcript of results of the completed MA/MSc program and a certified English translation thereof;
  • a certificate of proficiency in English of no older than 2 years, on at least a CEFR level B2, obtained at an internationally recognized (accredited) language examination institution;
  • an official medical certificate in English stating that the applicant has received the required vaccines and is free of communicable diseases;
  • CV;
  • a research plan;
  • a list of publications (if the applicant has publications), other certificates.

To apply, an electronic copy of the required documents must be submitted via the online interface designated by the Faculty, and their original copies must be submitted upon enrolment.

(4) The Faculty measures language skills and professional motivation of the applicant in an admission interview. The language of the interviews will be English.

(5) Admission interviews are conducted continuously throughout the application period, the exact dates are published on the Faculty's English-language web pages. Admission interviews are scheduled and published by the International Office of the Faculty at least two weeks prior to the interview and communicated to the Vice-Dean for Academic and Financial Affairs.

(6) The Vice-Dean for Academic and Financial Affairs shall appoint the lecturer members of the Admission Committees (hereinafter referred to as "the Committee"), with the assistance of the heads of English-language programs. The Committee shall consist of two lecturer members and a secretary. The secretary may be a non-teaching/research staff member of the Faculty.

(7) Admission interviews are conducted in person and/or online. If the interview is conducted online, the Faculty needs to provide an interface for online chat, which is primarily the faculty-provided Skype availability. If you the applicant is not able to use Skype his or her country due to local laws, the interview will take place on an online interface chosen jointly by the Faculty and the applicant.

(8) The secretary of the Committee shall draw up minutes of the interview, which shall be kept by the Faculty in accordance with the rules on records.

(9) Applications are ranked in a 100-point system according to the following criteria:

a) Learning outcomes: maximum 25 points

b) Research plan: maximum 60 points

c) Motivational interview: maximum 15 points

d) Extra points: maximum 23 points

Extra points may be awarded for prior economic studies, CEFR level C1 language examination and volunteering. The total score, including extra points, cannot exceed 100 points.

Point system

(10) Minimum eligibility criteria for admissions:

a) obtains more than zero points for each of the four main criteria [(10) a), b), c), d)], and
b) the total score, of at least 40, without extra points.

(11) Recruitment decisions will be made by the Dean of the Faculty on the proposal of the Vice-Dean for Academic and Financial Affairs, taking into account the applicant's score and the capacity of the training program applied for.