Complex research to support strategic planning

2022. April 25. 19:46
mérnök kutatás

We carried out a complex research based on the questions of a Hungarian higher education institution.

Research topic

A comprehensive study of the domestic electrical and mechanical engineering education using a complex research methodology


Research questions

Our client wanted to know how electrical and mechanical engineering training programmes were doing at national and local level. This was approached through a complex research solution, where we were able to investigate all the groups concerned using different methods.


Methods used

  • desk research: completion of a summary of the market for electrical and mechanical engineering courses
  • in-depth interviews with competitors: we also interviewed representatives of institutions that offer similar training programmes in addition to Client
  • in-depth interviews with experts: we also conducted in-depth interviews with the company/market side, i.e. with the actors who employ the graduates
  • employee/staff/management workshops: we also involved colleagues participating in the training in the research process to see how they see this process, what they see as the strengths and weaknesses of the trainings
  • student online questionnaire survey (CAWI): students are also an important target group in this respect, so their views were comprehensively measured by an online questionnaire
  • the organisation of online communities among students and graduates: we expected information from students and graduates during the online communities, which contributed to the quantitative data, as well as to see what they think about the training, what their expectations and ideas for improvement are