Online flight booking UX research

2023. July 26. 10:18

User experiences, attitudes and problems related to online flight ticket purchases were investigated among consumers with Neticle.

Research topic - Focus on customer experience

After the lifting of the pandemic restrictions, a heavy burden was placed on the airline companies. The demand for air travel increased significantly, but airlines faced severe labour shortages. In this difficult situation, creating a good customer experience in the online space can help a lot, so we have been investigating this aspect together with Neticle. Neticle is a start-up company offering automated text analytics solutions, using their proprietary social listening software to collect public online mentions of a brand or product, and then perform a detailed analysis on these results, identifying key themes, entities and emotions.

Applied methods

  • Eye-tracking: a UX eye tracking study was conducted on 14 people in the summer of 2022 to explore consumers' user experience, problems and typical pain points. 
  • Social listening: from 1 January to 31 August 2022, we collected online public mentions of the airline among Hungarian users. The focus of the research was on customer experience.


The research has resulted in a study that could provide a solution to the problems perceived by users in order to make the booking process even simpler and more transparent.   

Click HERE to watch the video of the research! 

If you are interested in the more detailed results, please contact us at hello [at] thecorelab.hutarget="_blank"!