In-store research with an eye-tracker

2022. April 25. 19:54
in-store eye tracking

In 2019, we conducted a customer survey for a retail chain operating in Hungary.


Research topic

We conducted research for a retail chain operating in Hungary in order to find out how young people purchase food, and how they perceive the chain examined.


Research questions

The research questions focused on three main topics:

  1. market position analysis, i.e. an analysis of the position and online communication of the retailer and its main competitors.
  2. a study of the purchasing behaviour of the target group of young people, focusing specifically on the retail chain examined and on everyday food purchases.
  3. the evaluation of the bakery department and the cash desk area of the retail chain.


Methods used

  • desk research on communication with young people, food purchasing habits of Generation Z, and bakery product trends
  • an online questionnaire survey (CAWI) among young people aged 18-30: to assess young people’s general attitudes and to evaluate competitors
  • in-store eye camera observations (n=23) supplemented by in-depth interviews: in-store inspection of bakery products and cash desk area of the retailer examined