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Dr. Ákos Nagy

Dr. Ákos Nagy

Assistant Professor, Director of Marketing
nagya [at] ktk.pte.hu
Tuesday 13.00-14.00

Ákos Nagy is working as a senior lecturer at the Marketing and Tourism Department. He earned his doctorate degree in 2016; his main research fields are word-of-mouth marketing and customer valuation. Beside that, he is interested in almost every aspect of marketing communications (researching consumer insights, online marketing communication, marketing psychology, etc.). He is teaching currently marketing and marketing communications oriented courses on the bachelor and master level.  Since 2010, he has been working as the “tutor” in students’ work experience process. Since 2008, he has been involved as a participant or project leader in several market research and consulting projects.


Nagy, Ákos - Kemény, Ildikó - Szűcs, Krisztián - Simon, Judit -  Kiss Viktor

Are opinion leaders more satisfied? Results of a sem model about the relationship between opinion leadership and online customer satisfaction

SOCIETY AND ECONOMY 39 : 1 pp. 141-160. , 20 p. (2017)


Kemény, Ildikó - Simon, Judit - Nagy, Ákos - Szűcs, Krisztián 

Measuring quality perception in electronic commerce: a possible segmentation in the Hungarian market 

INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT & DATA SYSTEMS 116 : 9 pp. 1946-1966. , 21 p. (2016)


Ákos, Nagy - Krisztián, Szűcs - Ildikó, Kemény - Judit, Simon - Péter, Németh

Opinion leadership, web shop effectiveness - an integrated model to predict recommendation and repurchase



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